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Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady : Put Your “Not On My Watch”Shovel Where Your Mouth Is!

January 24, 2017

In a humble twiter-tweet, the modest Mayor of Aberdeen Pat McGrady said :

“This is what you get with me as Mayor. Somebody calls and tells me there is a dead racoon on W. Bel Air Ave and its been there for a week. Its making Aberdeen look bad .

NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!!”” Dec 12, 2016) (The  Mayor removes the racoon with his own shovel!)

On the Other Hand: We have an encampment of homeless citizens in tents off Roger Street near the city library. The public cries out . How can this be. It makes Aberdeen look like a heartless place to live. A community that does not care about the poor. A town that cares more about a dead racoon then creating a shelter from the storm for the unfortunate.  Where is the Mayor with his “Can Do” shovel.  The homeless have’nt been out on the street for a mere week. They’ve been  there since at least last Spring, I’ve been told.  Where is the sense of urgency from the Mayor and the City Council. Where is  the ” we all have to do our part” spirit  when it comes to the homeless. The Mayor and City Council have passed the buck to the do-little County govt and have forgotten about there own elected responsibility. Aberdeen needs  a  year round homeless shelter . But it defintely needs an emergency homeless shelter in the Winter.  Mr. Mayor , spare me the gross details about scooping up the dead racoon and  stop TALKING  about doing something  about the homeless. Put your “not on my watch” shovel where your mouth is.


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