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Common Dreams – Ralph Nader: Democrats Should Stop Scapegoating And Embrace A Bold Agenda/ Intercept Podcast With Jeremy Scahill

May 11, 2018





Intercept – Ralph Nader On Gina Haspel, John Bolton, And The “Decrepit” Democratic Party

April 29, 2018


TheNational – Ralph Nader On The Rise of Donald Trump

November 21, 2016

DemocrcyNow – Ralph Nader: Trump Is A Freeloading, Pontificated Empty Shirt Who On Everything

October 27, 2016

C-Span/WashingtonJournal – Ralph Nader – Breaking Through Power

May 4, 2016


Income InEquality – Time For A Raise- Nader Protests In Front Of Wal-Mart Demanding Raising Min-Wage To $10.50

February 23, 2014

Seeing Through The CBOs Minimum Wage Fog –

C-Span – Ralph Nader On Income Inequality And The Minimum Wage

March 25, 2013



Bill Maher And Ralph Nader on Why Allan Grayson Should Be Sent Back To Congress

November 11, 2011


CommonDreams – Ralph Nader – Nuclear Nightmare

March 20, 2011


DemocracyNow – Ralph Nader On Nuclear Power : ‘Why Are We Playing Russian Roulette With The American People?’

March 20, 2011


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