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NYMag – Sen Rand Paul Has Become Trumps Most Loyal Toady

February 23, 2017


Libertrarian-Republican Sen. Rand Paul At Colorado Political Debate Calls For Letting States Legalize Marijuana! But Where Does Aberdeen Libertarian-Republican And Candidate for Mayor Stand on Legalizing Marijuana?

October 29, 2015


Libertarian Republican Sen. Rand Paul has made it perfectly clear  at the Colorado debate where he stands on marijuana. But where does Aberdeen’s Libertarian-TeaParty Republican Patrick McGrady stand on legalizing marijuana?  “Shady” McGrady  is currently running a third-rate campaign to become the mayor of Aberdeen. We know where he says he stands  on taxes and water/sewer bills, safe streets  and fair pay for City employees/unfair pay for City Council employees. But where does he as a Republican Libertarian stand on legalizing marijuana? Does he have a plan to legalize marijuana in Aberdeen?The voters want to know.

NYMag – Did Rand Paul Kill Americas Libertarian Moment???

October 1, 2015



MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell: Worst Campaign Tactic 2015: Rand Paul Campaign Director Licks Camara Lens of Oppositional Research – Rand Pauls New Slogan: Lick Free Or Die

May 13, 2015

BillMaher/RealTime – May 7. 2015 – What Happen To Rand Paul?

May 9, 2015





Dailyshow/Jon Stewart – Stewart Ridicules “Dallas Dipshits” Fearing Texas Takeover Conspiracy

May 5, 2015


Larry Wilmore Shames Rand Paul For His Baltimore Comments

May 5, 2015




RackJite – Rand Paul Lies About Koch Brothers Hoping To Get Some KochKash

April 21, 2015


BillMaher/Real Time – Pseudo-Libertarian Rand Paul Is An Off-Brand: Its Like Ross Perot Went Into A Tellephone Booth And Turned Into Mitt Romney

April 21, 2015




BillMaher/RealTime- April 10,2015 – Monologue/NewRules -Hillary:Girls Gone Inevitable – Fighting Fundementalism

April 12, 2015







Larry Wilmore Questions Sen Rand Pauls Official Campaign Slogan For Pres Race And Offers More Libertarian Suggestions

April 9, 2015


Larry Wilmore Points Out That Eye Doctor Rand Paul Should Be Running For Prez in 2020! Its Too soon ,Rand!

April 9, 2015


NewYorker – Borowitz – Rand Paul Joins Crowded Field Of People Who Will Never Be President

April 8, 2015


MotherJones – Scandal That Could Blow Up Rand Paul Political Machine

April 8, 2015



NewYorker – The Revenge of Rand Paul – Is Rand Paul The Republicans Barack Obama Or Just Another Crazy Tea Party Libertarian Extremist???

October 2, 2014


NYMag/Frank Rich – Its Hard To Hate Rand Paul

September 26, 2013

HuffPost – Stephen Colbert “Proves” Rand Paul “Technically” A Terrorist

June 10, 2011


NYMag – Rand Paul Wants To See Donald Trumps Long-Form Certificate

April 29, 2011


C-Span3 – Journalists Gather For Annual Correspondents Dinner With Larry Wilmore, Sen. Rand Paul And Rep. Anthony Weiner

April 1, 2011


TPM – GOP Shield Rookie Primary Winners Angles and Rand From Media

June 16, 2010


Bill Maher Describes Rand Paul – “The S**t Dosen’t Fall Far From the Bat”

May 23, 2010


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