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WashPost Editorial Strzok Point Of Order Hearings Damaged Our Democracy: The Republicans Look Like Idiots !

July 13, 2018


Political Omen – Dodgy Delegate Glenn Glass Loses Power Just Before Xmas At Aberdeen Wal-Mart!

December 21, 2017



On December 2lst (2017) Republican Know-Nothing Delegate Glenn Glass (D-34A) lost vehicular battery power in his Dodge Pickup in front of Wal-Mart in Aberdeen.  A fellow Tea Party patriot in a Ford pickup stopped by to give him a cable  jump.

Delegate Glass may be in for a loss of political power come November 2018. The far right Harford Republican party may have trouble jump starting this Do-Nothing political joke.

(* Del. Glass had white bandage tape acrossed his nose as if he had been hit in the face or fallen down. In camouflage hat and sunglasses the delegate was in full disguise except for his truck)


The Glass Is Still Half Empty: Who Created And Controls Harfords Dumbest Know-Nothing Republican Politician : Glenn Glass? And Is Glen Glass A Moron Or Just A Joke?

March 9, 2017


Black-ish – Junior Is A Republican

January 27, 2017

McGrady Dictates City Health Insurance ChangeTo Non-Accredited, Substandard Evergreen Insurance

June 5, 2016


MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell: Worst Campaign Tactic 2015: Rand Paul Campaign Director Licks Camara Lens of Oppositional Research – Rand Pauls New Slogan: Lick Free Or Die

May 13, 2015

C-Span – To Make Men Free: History of Republican Party – Heather Cox Richardson

March 31, 2015


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