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Reliable Sources – Trump State Department Considering Nominating Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady To North Korean Negotiating Team!

October 9, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is seriously considering the first term Mayor of Aberdeen, Patrick McGrady for  a position on his North Korean Negotiating Team. After reading about McGradys “hardball” negotiating tactics over the Ripken Stadium Deal President Donald Trump tweeted ” Mayor McGrady of Aberdeen is the perfect man we need to deal  with Rocket Man!”

The unpopoular Republican Mayor of Aberdeen, Maryland caught the attention of the President and Secretary Tillerson in a little read news story in a newspaper called The Aegis published some where in Bel Air, Maryland in a quaint little county called Harford.

The Aegis on Friday, October 7, 2017 published a letter sent to the City of Aberdeen by the Ripken brothers concerning the forever on-going negotiations  over the local minor league baseball stadium contract.  In the seventh paragraph of the historic letter the Ripkens said:

In one of the first negotiating sessions with SMG, their lead negotiator said, “We strongly encourage you to take this deal because the Mayor has a nuclear weapon he wants to throw your way if you dont.”

This one sentence sent a message around the the internet from Facebook to  Twitter to Instagram to Reddit and back to Twitter . Some how it landed on President Trumps very own twitter feed and President Trump immediately tweeted: “Here is the negotiator I’ve been looking for! I’ll bet they wont call me a moron if I get this son of a bitch on my negotiating team.”

The President called  Secretary Tillerson and demanded he put this Mayor Patrick McGrady on the State  Department negotiating team.

At this time there is no word from the Mayor of Aberdeen if he has been contacted yet by the State Department .The State Department refused comment.




The 2017 Testudo Award For The Laziest Mayor In Maryland

October 8, 2017


Once again, congratulations Mayor Patrick McGrady for all you have not done to win the 2017 Testudo Award for the Laziest Mayor In Maryland.

This year Mayor Patrick McGrady  prolonged the new Ripken Stadium deal for 22 months by intimidating  the Ripken Brothers with the political threat of a “nuclear option” if the Ripkens did not concede to all of Mayor McGradys ridiculous demands.

McGrady apparently does not want a solution. McGrady doesnt want the stadium to be apart of Aberdeen City government anymore. As  a crazy Tea Party libertarian he doesn’t believe  the City should own the stadium  at all. He doesn’t want a deal. He doesn’t want to negotiate . He wants to sell the  stadium to some of his cronies or “blow it up” altogether. Sell it or let it die is McGradys libertarian position. If the Ripkens dont agree then he will go to the “nuclear option”…

Once again  congratulations Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady  for doing nothing for your first two years in office to negotiate a new Ripken Stadium Deal.  You have rightfully earned the 2017 Testudo Award.Keep being an indolent conservative!




Which Way On Aberdeen Stadium Deal? The Ripken Brothers vs. Mayor Pat “Simon Lagree” McGrady?

October 7, 2017




Aberdeen Mayor McGrady vs. Ripken Brothers Over Stadium Deal : SMG Negotiater: “We Strongly Encourage You To Take This Deal Because The Mayor Has A Nuclear Weapon He Wants To Throw Your Way If You Dont!”*

October 7, 2017




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