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VF – Mueller Prepares For: “Watergate” Hearings – Trump Gate

July 22, 2019


Bill Maher May 31, 2019 – OT/ Jim Jefferies – Sararh Silverman Free Speech/ Trevor Noah-Mueller /J.Kimmel – Trump/Nancy Pelosi /Galifianakis /

June 1, 2019






NYMag – Conservatives Stunned By Mueller Implying Trump Not Innocent

May 30, 2019


Borowitz/ New Yorker – Mueller Stirs Controversey By Urging Americans To Read

May 29, 2019

NYMag – Mueller Statement Is Game Changer On Push For Impeachment Hearings – Because News Media Hates Reading!

May 29, 2019

NYMag – Mueller Says Trump Is Not Not A Criminal

May 29, 2019

WashPost/David Kendall – Muellers Conclusion Was A Dereliction Of Duty

May 7, 2019

NYMag – With Mueller Gone, Threat of A Lawless President Is Alive

April 24, 2019

Propublica – Mueller Went Looking For A Conspiracy And Found Comflict of Interest And Coverup

April 22, 2019

The Nation – Mueller Obstructed His Own Investigation As Much As Trump

April 19, 2019

Vanity Fair – Thank You,Next ! -I Am So Done With You Robert Mueller

March 28, 2019

CommonDeams/ Ralph Nader – Surround The White House With A Million People And Demand Collusion-Man Resign! – Mueller Is A “Chicken Shit” Prosecutor, He Wont Prosecute Unless He Is Sure He Can Win!

March 28, 2019

Intercept – The Day After Mueller

March 27, 2019

NYMag – Mueller Mysteries Can Be Answered By Full Mueller Report

March 26, 2019

Vanity Fair – Buzzfeed vs Muleller

January 22, 2019

Mother Jones – Paul Manafort Flips On Trump – Gives Complete Cooperation To Mueller Investigation

September 14, 2018

This courtroom sketch depicts former Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort, second from the left, and his defense lawyer Richard Westling, far left, at federal court in Washington, Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. Manafort has pleaded guilty to two federal charges as part of a cooperation deal with prosecutors. The deal requires him to cooperate “fully and truthfully” with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. The charges against Manafort are related to his Ukrainian consulting work, not Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. (Dana Verkouteren via AP)

Vice – RussiaGate -Hacked Emails At Center Of Muellers Russian Investigation Explained

July 14, 2018


Intercept: Indictment Of Russian Intelligence Operatives Should Quell Harebrained Conspiracy Theories In DNC Hack

July 14, 2018



NYMag – Muellers New Indictment Blosters Collusion Case –

July 14, 2018


Conan – Its Not MEW-ler Its MULL-er

May 16, 2018

SethMyers/Closer Look : Pee Pee Tape, Paul Ryan Retires, Trump Attacks Mueller

April 13, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel Monologue – Trumps Tweetstorm On Mueller

March 20, 2018

NYMag – Mueller Investigation Obstruction Focus Is Likely The Tip Of The Iceberg

March 20, 2018



Seth Myers – Closer Look – Trump Attacks Mueller And McCabe – Facebook Suspends Cambridge Analytics

March 20, 2018

Stephen Colbert – Let Robert Mueller Tweets Begin!

March 20, 2018

NYMag – Is This The Endgame? Trump Is Taking Out His Enemies And Turning Toward Mueller

March 17, 2018

President Trump Speaks to the Media at the White House

November 20, 2017 – Washington, District of Columbia, U.S. – United States President DONALD J. TRUMP speaks to the media during a cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, D.C. President Trump officially designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. (Credit Image: © Kevin Dietsch/CNP via ZUMA Wire)

Mother Jones – Mueller Reportedly Supoened Documents From Trump Organiztion

March 15, 2018

President Trump Speaks to the Media at the White House

The Atlantic – The Nihilist Partisan Case Against Robert Mueller – The Alt-Right Is Against A Professional Investigation Of Trump

December 12, 2017


Vanity Fair -Robert Mueller Has A Secret Weapon For Prez Trump

September 2, 2017


Time – Can Mueller Seperate Fact From Fiction?

June 24, 2017


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