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Aberdeen Republican Mayor Patrick McGrady Blames No County Money For Aberdeen Community Activity Center On Republican County Executive And Republican County Council Discrimination! McGrady Ask Citizens of Aberdeen To Petition County Government!

August 17, 2019

In a letter sent out to all registered voters of  Aberdeen, Mayor Patrick McGrady  says:

“The City Council signed a contract to purchase a 13.4 acre property at 84 W Bel Air Avenue –near the intersection of Niddketon Road an W Bel Air Ave- a location that is convenient for almost all of Aberdeen’s 16,00 residents.


However, the County Executive, and his deputy Billy Boniface, have told City staff that the project might NOT get funded because he County “Administration” is displeased with out Harford County Councilman, Rob Wagner, who voted against the County Budget this year.”


Is the County Administration really so corrupt that it will discriminate against the citizens of Aberdeen for some petty political dispute it has with Councilman Wagner?

Or is this just another McGrady political stunt to gain  election year attention?

Why did McGrady wait until Election year to be concerned about a new Community Activity Center?





Republican Aegis – Aberdeen Area (Dist. E) Harford Council Race : Forward To The Future Or Backward To The Past

October 6, 2018

Citizens Against Eva Mar Plan – Republican Aegis Endorsed Robert Wagner (Republican) And Jim Thornton (Democrat) For Council Prez In Primary But Cant Get Courage Up To Endorse Anyone For Council President In General Election

October 25, 2014




Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar – Letter From Robert Wagner, Republican Candidate for County Council President – “I/We Will Oppose Poorly Planed Projects Like the Eva Mar Project And The Proposed 185,000 sq.ft. Wal-Mart In Bel Air…”

June 19, 2014


Pragmatic Political Prognosis Crystal Ball Election Forecast (PPP-CBEF) – State Senate Democratic Primary Race Dist 34 – Arthur Helton Wins With 52% Of Vote – County Council President Republican Primary Race Robert Wagner Wins With 53% Of Vote – Citizens Against Eva Mar Endorsement Makes Significant Differance In Outcome

June 19, 2014


Campaign Against Eva Mar Development (CAP-FEMD) Endorses Robert Wagner (Council Prez), Blane Miller (Dist E) and Art Helton (Dist 34) – “We Dont Dislike Dan” In Case Lambros Wins – Vincenti Is “Handpicked By Slutzky..And Recieving Devel Money” – Sengstacke Walking Conflict 0f Interest , Lives In Tudor Hall But Silent On Eva Mar

June 17, 2014

10171905_647707045277323_1112913904_nPicture-007sm-copymillerC7989D2004-01-01 LegislativeMapCouncilDistricts001004002005006

RepublicanAegis – Two Old Council Hands Vie For GOP Nod, Two Potential Newcomers Aspire To Dems Nomination

June 2, 2014

Citizens Against The Plan For Eva Mar Developement – “If Slutzky Wins The Primary, We Are Looking At Four More Years Of The Status Quo” Not Really! If Slutzky Wins The Primary Republicans And Independents Can Join Democrats And Support Jim Thornton For Council President…. Thornton : “This Is Not A Time To Stabalize the Council Or Maintain the Status Quo”!

June 2, 2014


“This is not a time to stabalize the council or maintain the status quo”.James Thornton

Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development – Slutzky Has Shown His True Colors – Wagner Has The Experience …To Do What Is Right

May 30, 2014


CoalitionBuilding – Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Endorse Robert Wagner In Republican Primary (June 24th) And Urge Support For Fund Raiser

April 27, 2014


Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development Urges Political Opposition To Pro-Development Lackey Richard Slutzky

April 9, 2014



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