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Colbert – Trumps Immigration Claims Are From Movie Night At The White House Intel / Sweater Weather /- Raiding Roger -/ Bolton: Fooly Noted – Seth Myers: Roger Stone Pleads Guilty

January 30, 2019







SNL- Fox News Tucker Catlson and Roger Stone Interview

January 28, 2019

Intercept: Indictment Of Russian Intelligence Operatives Should Quell Harebrained Conspiracy Theories In DNC Hack

July 14, 2018



Smoking Gun -Trump Loyalist Communicated With “Luccifer 2.0” (Russian Hacker) Target Of FBI Probe

March 9, 2017

Bill Maher/Overtime – Oct 30, 2015 -, Rep. Maxine Waters, Grover Norquest (Small Governtment) and Roger Stone (Clinton Hater)

October 31, 2015


WashPost/ReliableSource – GOP Trickster Defects To Libertarian Party – Roger Stone Predicts a “Libertarian Moment” In 2016 And The End Of The GOP

February 19, 2012

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