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Democracy Now – Glen Greenwald – Trump Politics And “Roseanne” Cancellation

May 30, 2018

Intercept – Roseanne Apology For Racist Islamophobic Tweet Confirms Roseanne Is Racist

May 30, 2018



Jimmy Kimmel On Roseanne Cancellation

May 30, 2018

Hollywood Reporter – “Roseanne” Demise Predictable Tale of Frog And Scorpion

May 30, 2018


NYMag – Roseanne Cancelation Is A Sudden Cultural Shift

May 30, 2018

Village Voice – Conservatives Quit Picking On Roseanne Just Because She Believes In Pizzagate

April 6, 2018

Roseanne Barr joined by Michael Moore who is on the Slacker Uprising Tour across the USA

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