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Now That Our Worst Mass Shooting Has Occurred Will Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady Have Another Gun Rally This Summer Rt.22 @ Beards Hill Road ? Will He Bring His White Racist Friends From The Route 40 Repub Club?

June 15, 2016




Here is my favorite photo of Mayor Patrick McGrady (Aegis Photo) . Here the Tea Party Republican rebel rouser stands with the former Vice President of the Route 40 Republican Club. , John Stortstrom. Mr. Stortstrom was revealed to be a white nationalist racist by the Southern Poverty Law  Center. The AR-15 assault rifle  McGrady is holding was being auctioned off at his Aberdeen Rally  to raise money for the Route 40 Republican Club. Remember,  McGrady’s  rally cry “Guns save lives! guns save live ! guns save lives!” (see video below)


AegisPhoto – Mayor Of Aberdeen Was Once Pals With White Nationalist John Stortstrom, Vice-President of Route 40 Republican Club

April 15, 2016


Patrick McGrady, Tea Party Republican and current Mayor of Aberdeen ,( Maryland) examines assault rifle in front of Bel Air Courthouse (Gun Rally) . The assault rifle was part of a raffle to raise money for the racially-insensative Route 40 Republican Club. Standing beside Mr. McGrady is the ex-vice-president of the Route 40 Republican Club , John Stortstrom who was revealed to be a “white nationalist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.. The Route 40 Republican Club was also notorious for inviting Matthew Heimbach to speak before the club. Heimbach is a white nationalist and neo-nazi and currently a supporter of Donald Trump. He became infamous recently when he manhandled  a black female protestor at a  Trump rally. (





WashPost – Matthew Heimbach Is Back In The News – White Nationalist Is A Friend Of the Racist Route 40 Harford Republican Club

April 15, 2016





The White-Nationalist Friendly Route 40 Republican Club Is Now The Route 40 Republican Party. President Fred Mullis , White-Nationalist Vice President John Stortstrom And Treasurer Patricia Scott Have Been Replaced But Is the Club/Party Still A Nest Of Racists?

August 28, 2015




Harford Historic First : Two Black Politicians Elected During Same Election – Democrat Jensen Robinson, Harford School Board, And Republican Curtis Beulah , Harford County Council

November 14, 2014

01111396789_1473545696204249_35078788_oDemocrat Jensen Robinson  defeated Fred Mullis for  a position on the Harford School Board. Jensen  defeated a  controversial  Republican , a Republican who headed the Route 40 Republican Club which became enmeshed in political scandal when it was  reported that one its board members was a white supremacist. (John Stortsrom, VP of Rte 40 Club)  Mullis also muddied the political waters when he envited another white supremacist (Matt Heimbach) to a Route 40 Repub Club meeting as a speaker.  Jensens leadership credentials were displayed during the primary election period when he made  a public plea  to Democrat M.D. James to apologize for her legislative aides drunken racist antics in Annapollis. James never made a public apology. James was surprisingly defeated in what should have been a cake walk.
On the other hand Curtis Beulah defeated a former Havre de Grace councilman., Joseph Smith.   But Beulahs advertised political experience included  being a board member of the  said  same controversial Route 40 Republican Club. Beulahs leadership credentials were displayed when he never at any time found it necessary to criticize Fred Mullis decision to invite a white-supremacist to speak at a meeting and never  questioned the judgement of having a top board member  who is a known white-supremacist.

Four Years Ago John Paff Ran For House of Delegates And Began A Presention With Pilfered RFK Words….Now He Sits On The Bored of Directors of the Racist Route 40 Republican Club

May 1, 2014

Comments in the Dodgy Dagger April 2014


Harford GOP Candidate Speech Similar To RFKs

DodgyDagger/ CoverUp – Fred Mullis, President of Rte40RepubClub (RFRC), Runs For School Board (Dist A) Against Jensen Robinson, Dagger Forgets To Point Out Mullis White Supremacist Friends Matt Heimbach And John Stortstrom (VP of RFRC)

April 29, 2014




Southern Poverty Law Center /Hate Watch – Friend of Harford Route 40 Republican Club Mat Hembach Now A Full-Fledged Neo-Nazi

October 10, 2013


SouthernPovertyLawCenter – Racist Friend/Speaker Of South Harfords Route 40 Republican Club Now Working With Neo-Nazis

September 8, 2013

Hatewatch_Header_filtered393062_520674454646767_1419683832_n-copyheimbach-01Fred Mullis ResponseHeimbach Rt 40

LadyLibertysLamp – Dicey Maryland Republican Club Offers Free Guns To White Supremacist Members… South Harford Gun-Nut Republicans Get Their Close-Up As National Media Expose What Local Media Failed To Expose

July 6, 2013


Southern Poverty Law Center – Engineer At Edgewood Arsenal Weapons Lab Tied To Racist Groups

July 5, 2013


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