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The Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics in 2010 -#6. Democratic Sore Loser Mike Hiob Attacked State Senate Candidate Rovall Washington For Not Being A Sore Loser

December 25, 2010


After losing his Democratic primary election for State Senate to Arthur Helton, Rovall Washington in a letter to The Dagger and to his own website endorsed Helton in the general election. Mike Hiob, still upset over his defeat in the Mayorality  election in Aberdeen, attacked Washington for his endorsemnent, thus aiding and abetting the eventual Republican victory of Nancy Jacobs. In the same primary election Dan Riley lost his House of Delegates seat to challenger Marla Posey-Moss . Dan Riley  upset over his surprising defeat  claimed that he was a “conservative blue-dog Democrat” despite a voting record as a progressive. Riley also stated he feared Posey-Moss could not win the general election. Riley stated ,”This consensus is shared by many of my Republican friends in that they now have a good chance of winning my seat.” Riley would go on to support his “Republican friends” “shared consensus” by not endorsing Posey-Moss in the general election thus aiding and abetting the eventual  Republican victory of Glenn Glass.

LettersToTheDagger – Democrat Sore Loser Mike Hiob Attacks Rovall Washington For Not Being A Sore Loser, Political Bitterness Now Giving Aid And Comfort To Republican Nancy Jacobs Re-Election Bid

November 1, 2010


      Mike Hiob has been in the Teed-Off Party ever since he lost his campaign for Mayor of Aberdeen. Now he is giving support to the Tea Party in Harford County in its efforts to re-elect Nancy Jacobs to the State Senate. Last week Hiob threw another political tantrum, upset that Rovall Washington (in The  Dagger and The Aegis) would endorse a Democrat who defeated him in the primary. Thats the normal thing you do in a democracy. Hiob once again personally  attacks Helton . And he attacks Washingtons ‘integrity’ for doing the right thing. Hiobs support for Republican proposed over-developement land policies in Aberdeen are what most likely cost him his first political  defeat last year . And  Dan Riley’s support for him in the Mayors race probably cost Dan his  recent primary defeat. Now his antics threaten to damage Democrats in what could be  a close race for the state Senate.  As BSMeter comments in The Dagger blog :”Mr.Hiob, how in the hell can you consider yourself a Dem if you would prefer Jacobs over Helton?…You have no standing as a Democrat if you would work in favor of Jacobs over any Democrat (she is to the right of Attilla the Hun).”

        Who is Mike Hiob? And where is his political integrity?


Harford360/ The Aegis Letters To The Editor – Rovall Washington Endorses His Primary Opponent Art Helton For State Senate

October 29, 2010


      Rovall Washington in a letter to the editor to The Aegis (Oct. 29, 2010) and on a post on his new website Harford360, endorsed his  former primary opponent,Art Helton, for the Maryland Senate. Mr Washington stated:

        “I’m giving my suppoprt to him (Helton) for the General Election on Nov. 2 . This is a serious decision.

         We must chose a person that personally has the qualifications to negotiate and bring us the jobs, funding, and development to Harford and Cecil Counties to get the thousands of voters back to work.”


Art Helton (2929-60%) Wins Landslide Primary Victory Against Roval Washington (1947-40%)

September 16, 2010


Aegis Primary Editorial Endorsements For Dist 34 Suggests Patrick ‘Tea Party’ McGrady And Democrats Marla Posey-Moss and Rovall Washington Are Not Ready For Prime Time

August 29, 2010


      The Republican Aegis  endorsed Randolph Craig, son of County Executive David  Craig, and John ‘Plagarism’ Paff for House of Delegates in Dist. 34 in the Republican primary.

      The Republican Aegis also endorsed Arthur Helton  for the Maryland  Senate  and  incumbents  Mary-Dulany James and  Dan Riley for the House of Delegates in the Democratic Primary


Aegis/Sun – Harford Circuit Court Rules Helton Has Legal Residency In District 34 For State Senate Race – Rovall Washingtons Dangerous Gamble Backfires

July 17, 2010


The Aegis (A6) – Washington Challenges Heltons Residency Qualifications in State Senate Race

July 4, 2010


Ch2-WMARTV – Washington Challenges Helton Residency Qualifications In State Senate Race

July 2, 2010


Who Will Be The Next State Senator in Dist 34? Helton or Washington?

May 17, 2010

art4senaterovall4senateRovall Washington

Rovall Washington – Candidate for Maryland State Senate Dist 34 – ‘I Deal Hope! What Do You Deal?’

May 15, 2010

I Deal Hope

Rovall Washington To Run for Maryland State Senate District 34

April 4, 2010

Roval Washington

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