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Why Michael Bennett Lost Relection As Aberdeen Mayor – Spoiler Alert – Republican Ruth Elliot Diverted Votes From McGrady – Democrat Marla Posey Moss Diverted Votes Away From Bennett – 2015 Democratic Candidates Win 52% Of Vote ,Bennett Loses By 46 Votes ( Bennett Won 52% Of Vote In 2011 And Won By 26 Votes)

November 23, 2015



DodgyDagger – Bennett Faces Three Challengers In Aberdeen Mayoral Race, Three Tea Party Republican Stooges Try To Take Over City Council In Nine Candidate Race

October 6, 2015





Aberdeen Donnybrook Election For Mayor Turns Into Free-For-All That Almost Guarentees Bennett Re-Election, Anti-Bennett Vote Will Be Divided Among Conservative REPUBLICAN Ruth Elliot And Reactionary/Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady, Progressive Democrat Posey-Moss Will Probably Attract New Voters And Drain Some Of Bennett Support

September 19, 2015



The Bennett vote over the last three elections averaged 1,013 votes. His opposition (Simmons, Hiob, & McGrady) averaged 800 votes. If the opposition divides in two it cant come close to winning. Elliot has already picked up the early conservative opposition support. And McGrady’s  entry gets to pick  up his usual reactionary Tea Party opposition support. Posey-Moss , who probably had a good chance to win a council seat ,will have difficulty pulling large amounts of Bennett”s progressive and moderate support. She will probably bring in a small amount of new voters .

Aberdeen Election For Mayor Turns Into Three Candidate Donnybrook: Marla Posey-Moss, Community Advocate Enters Race

September 9, 2015


Is it time for a change in Aberdeen city government? Councilwoman Ruth Elliot thinks so and is challenging incumbent mayor Michael Bennett. And now ,community advocate Marla Posey-Moss also wants to challenge the incumbent mayor.

 Posey-Moss says on her web site that we need a “forward looking leader” to devise and implement  “an innovative developement plan for the city of Aberdeen that embraces the vision of residents , churches, civic organiztions and bussiness” She believes the concerns of most residents include: :”economic development, transportation, youth recreation, homelessness, crime, general assistance for seniors and housing”

Ms. Posey-Moss will hold a Aberdeen Leadership Community Rally on Thursday Sep 17th (6:30 -730PM) at Scotts Transportation, 309 W. Bel Air Ave in downtown Aberdeen. Her campaign slogan is “We Can Do Better!”.

RepublicanAegis/ErikaButler – Aberdeen Town Election : Councilwoman Ruth Elliot Challenges Mayor Michael Bennett

September 7, 2015


The Republican/Aegis reports that current Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennett will be challenged by Councilwoman Ruth Elliot in this years town election on November 6th.   Appointed Councilman Steve Smith will seek voter approval to keep his political seat. And council members Ruth Ann Young and Sandra Landbeck are undecided about reelection.

Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady who lost his bid for mayor four years (2011)  ago in a close race has lost his political fire  since getting married .  McGrady told the Republican Aegis “…I have no definitive plans at this point today.” McGrady also lost  in 2010  when he ran for House of Delegates  in the Maryland General  Assembly. But McGrady did say he was “dissatisfied with the current stock of candidates for mayor and city council, so I may have to run.” There is an open seat and one new challeger.

At the August meetng of the New Harford Democratic Club  it was also announced that Rev. Melvin Taylor would be a candidate for the city council.



AberdeenPatch – Aberdeen City Council Members Back Bennett / Councilwoman Ruth Young Says ” I’m Concerned That Mr. McGrady Doesn’t Always Do His Homework…We Can’t Base Government On Good Guesses.”

October 31, 2011


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