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BaltoSun/Mike Preston Predicts Ravens Defeat Sunday 21 to 17. Earlier In Week on Touchdown Baltimore He Predicts A Cincy “Big Win”

January 2, 2016



Sunpaper ace reporter Mike Preston predicts another Raven defeat 21 to 17 this Sunday when they face the Cincy Bengals. Earlier in the week on Touchdown Baltimore He stated that Cincy owns the Ravens . “Begals win BIG ”  Maybe Preston is hedging his bet. Whatever.

OnTheOtherHand :  Stat-wise Cincy  (362yds) is just a nick better that the Ravens  (360yds) offensively.  And defensive-wise Baltimore  (340.1yds) is even-steven against Cincy (340.8yds) Again Cincy will not blowout the Ravens as Preston suggested  on Tuesday’s Touchdown Baltimore.  The Ravens should wear their gold pants and force McCarron into turnover and mistakes.   Ravens are motivated and Bengals are reeling from their Denver defeat and a short  practice-week.


Ravens should win  24 to 17 .  Mallet isn’t Flacco but  McCarron ain’t Dalton. (Dalton barely won in Sept 28 to 24)

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