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AEGIS – Aberdeen City Council Approves 80 Acre Gilbert Road Annexation With 4 To 1 Vote. – Only Lindecamp Opposes Annexation – Mayor Patrick “Shady” McGrady , His Corrupt Handpicked Crony Steve Goodin, Sandy “Land Deal” Landbeck And Melvin “Misinformed By Landbeck” Taylor Vote For Annexation! Only a Petitioned Referendum Vote Can Stop Over Developement Land Grab Annexation!

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Most Aberdeen Council Members Who Support Gilbert Road Annexation Land Grab/Land Deal Dont Want To Run For Reelection , ButThey Want To Blow Up Over Developement,, Create Traffic Nightmare, And Stick Taxpayers With The Bill

August 17, 2019


1. Illegally Appointed Councilman Stephen Goodin told the Aegis by E-mail that he is not interested in running for re-election but supports over developement  annexation Land Deal.

2. Mayor Patrick McGrady told  the Aegis not sure he wants to seek re-election against most popular Councilman Taylor but supports Gilbert Road over developement annexation.

3. Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck says to the Aegis she wants to hang up her council seat after pushing through large over developement  land deal annexation.

Gilbert Road Annexation Overdevelopement Is Back Again With No Impact Study As Promised By The Dodgy Mayor McGrady!

May 10, 2019


Its also coincidentally election year in Aberdeen! Developer money will be financing Mayor Paddy McGrady and Councilwoman Sandra Landbecks re-election campaigns. Its time to clean up the dirty Developer money in Aberdeen, again

Stop Gilbert Road Annexation! Throw the dirty money politicians, McGrady and Landbeck, out of office! Stop corruption in Aberdeen elections!

2011 –





STOP GILBERT ROAD ANNEXATION IN ABERDEEN , MD – Stop Overdevelopment – Sign Petition To Sto[ City Council Vote!

February 12, 2019

Republican/Aegis/Record – Aberdeen Council Move To Get More Control Motivates Mayor McGrady To Play “Dirty Politics”And Deal In Political Bullshit! Political Fire Works April 10!

April 8, 2017

“Move A Foot To Cut Aberdeen Mayors Powers”, The Record, Friday, April 7, 2017 By Erika Butler ( Not available online. Wonder why?Dodgy journalism!)

Angry Mayor Pat McGrady stated in the Republican Record/Aegis that he believes a Council city charter change would “Effectively remove all authority of the mayor” and make the Mayor a “strictly ceremonial position”.

McGrady thinks this is  “politically motivated” by the council because they don’t like the last election outcome.  The council may be motivated by the authoritarian nature of the Tea Party Libertarian Mr. McGrady. He has generally abused his powers and run the city government like an arrogant tin horn dictator.

Remember his first action as Mayor involved a 5 month delay in voting on a council seat  tie-vote. McGrady upended democratic practices and normal procedures to insert a crony in the disputed seat. The mayor acted arrogantly and autocratically. He ignored the 655 votes for Stephen Smith. He threw out that 655 votes and refused a vote on Smith because he didn’t like him. He didn’t like Mr. Smith so he trashed the democratic process.

The new charter doesn’t make the Mayor impotent but it does restrain his  corrupt despotic behavior and  strips the mayor of excessive  powers.

  1. It  removes the mayors power of preparing the budget and gives that power to the city manager. The Mayor last year unilaterally changed the health insurance company used by the city. He made the change with no vote and gave the new contract to a crony insurance agent.
  2. The new charter  now makes the city manager the chief executive and operating officer.
  3.  The city manager will now prepare the city budget thus trying to take the politics and corruption out of the budget.
  4.  Also the city manager will continue to serve the  city council but now any member of the  council can request the city manger to be changed..
  5. If the city manager position becomes vacant the council, not just the mayor will choose a replacement.
  6.  The  entire council will also take charge of appointments not just the Mayor

The crybaby Mayor claims this is  not fair.  ” Its changing the rules after the election”. Democracy is fair. It happens after elections.  That’s how change occurs. There was no proper democratic way of dealing with the tie-vote problem in the Aberdeen charter so McGrady abused his power to resolve it in an undemocratic way.  The Mayor didn’t want to deal with changing  the problem charter-wise  until the State government demanded all jurisdictions amend their charters.

The sulking juvenile Mayor says the  change is “willy-nilly”. He claims Aberdeen is turning into a third-world country. It was turning into a despotic government because of the abuse of power by Mr. McGrady. “Change is good. How it differs from the rocks” (Grace Slick)

Mr. McGrady’s complaints are  pure political b.s. and he knows it. He abused his power time and again so the charter has to be refined to restrain any further despotic behavior.

Mr. McGrady just  a few weeks ago again abused his power   in creating the “Criminalize the Homeless” ordinance. Its a terrible despotic piece of inhumane  crap. He did create it. He told the city manager to draw  it up.  But now he disowns it saying he is against it.  He realized its crap  and political poison.  But he pulled a “dirty trick” when he knew his ignorant ordinance had no chance of passing public scrutiny.

Mr. McGrady originally introduced the bill  as a “non-sponsored” ordinance. There is no such thing. It had to be somebodies idea. The city manager doesn’t spend his time  thinking up stupid laws. McGrady thought it up with his crazy Tea Party buddies and told the CM to draw it up. But he also appears to have told the city manger to put Lindecamp’s and ‘Landbecks name on the bill as sponsors as a political trick.

The day after the Republican Aegis reported on its front page about the “Criminalize the Homeless” bill, McGrady’s cohorts at the Harford Tea Party (C4L) attacked Lindecamp and Landbeck for “sponsoring” this inhumane and ignorant ordinance with a facebook political ad. This ad tells you exactly why the Mayor of Aberdeen has to be restrained from acting like  a political juvenile  jerk.

The Mayor was the unidentified sponsor of the  “Criminalize the Homeless” Law. He has stated specifically  “There is nothing we can do about it (the poor)” And he considers their tent dwelling as a  political eyesore in his campaign to “Keep Aberdeen Beautiful”.

  1. Rally for the Homeless – April 10 – City Hall – The “Fireworks” Begin At 7PM

2. Rally to Stop McGrady Corruption – April 10 – City Hall -7PM

Aberdeen fining the homeless petition - rightvoice


Aberdeen Mayor Finds Way To Get Homeless Out Of Aberdeen! Make It A Crime To Be Homeless In Aberdeen!

March 31, 2017

Aberdeen (Md) Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck joined the Aberdeen Tea Party (Mayor Pat  McGrady and Steven Goodin) to co-sponsor a town ordinance to make living in a homeless tent  in Aberdeen a crime.  The ordinance will impose a $50 fine on anyone living in a tent for more than 24 hours within the town borders.

The “Handcuff the Homeless” Bill is meant to create an incentive for the homeless to get out of Aberdeen. Dwelling in a tent outside of Aberdeen allows the Aberdeen homeless problem to become a Harford Couty problem.

Ciuncilwoman Landbeck is quoted in the Republican Aegis/Sun ; “Now we’re unable lawfully to go in and say ‘You need to move’.This ordinance will give us that. We can say , ‘You can find someplace else, you just cant stay here.”

Landbeck went on to say :“It gives us authority to TREAT THE PROBLEM rather than ENABLE THE PROBLEM.”

Criminalizing the homeless is Landbeck and McGrady’s idea of “treating the problem”.

Ironicly the Police Chief Henry Trabert says  “We dont expect to get any real fines out of these people. We know they don’t have money. And we don’t to see them incarcerated, that’s not the idea”

What the hell is  the idea then. McGrady and Landbeck want to criminalize the problem and kick the problem out of town limits. Trabert, the Sociologist-Cop,  wants to solve it as a community social economic problem. “Its our duty to make sure we take care of the people who cant take care of themselves.”

If the illegitimately  appointed Councilman Steve Goodin joins McGrady-Landbeck in supporting the ordinance then the measure becomes law  unless the State or ACLU declares it unconstitutional. Goodin , a McGrady  crony,was chosen by McGrady for this mission . McGrady  solved the election tie-vote last year  by ignoring  the 699 votes that Stephen Smith recieved and instead appointed Goodin to the council  having recieved no votes. If Smith had been rightly  allowed in the tie-vote runoff McGrady would not have enough  corrupt votes to push such an ignorant inhumane measure.

If you don’t stop corruption when it starts it just spreads like cancer..

April 10th Rally at City Hall! Throw the Political Bums Out, Not the Homeless!


Unfair Aberdeen Trash Tax Increases July 1st – Increases Tax On Those That Create The Least Trash!

July 5, 2016


The new Mayor  of Aberdeen , Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady,  cant seem to do anything right. For four or five months he didn’t know how to properly solve an election tie-vote on the City Council. When he finally resolved it , he ignored the 654 voters that voted for Democrat Stephen Smith and chose  instead a Tea Party Republican /Church crony who never received a single citizen vote.  His first decision as Mayor was to corrupt the democratic process with autocratic arrogance and cronyism.

Next, the new Mayor overrode the city councils unanimous support  for hiring a professional to help find a new city manager. Instead he loaded a commission with more Tea Party cronies and selected  a city manager who has had a questionable  and controversial experience as a city manager.

Third, the new Mayor rather then properly discuss with the council and public about changing city worker heath insurance  just autocratically  (with the help of another Tea Party/Church crony) decided by himself to change insurance . To hell with democratic input.

Finally, the Mayor all of a sudden wants to double the city trash tax —-but just for those who  produce the least trash….. Say what? The new tax increases the  50 cent trash sticker to $1.00, putting the total burden of the increased costs on those that create the least trash…. WTF? Those citizens who have been trash hogs keep paying the same….. Fair? Equitable? Democratic?… Hell , no! If the costs of landfilling  the trash goes up, everyone should share the burden—that’s democratic, fair and equitable. . If the new tax had  raised  the purple sticker to 60 or 65 cents and the yellow sticker to $1.35 then the burden of the tax would have been shared with all the households.

The main problem with Aberdeen City government is the City Council is failing to question and check the Mayors corruption, stupid mistakes and unfairness.  The Council should flex their political muscle and stop rubber stamping what ever the autocratic Mayor wants. The Mayor received only 600 votes or 33% of the vote.. The Council members all received more public support in the election than the Mayor. Taylor received 898 votes (49.6%). Landbeck  got 802 votes (44%). And Lindecamp got  782 votes (43%) .Does the Council speak for the public interest or are they just the Mayors  lapdogs. The City Council played dead   with the Mayors autocratic insurance decision and with the unfair trash tax increase.The Council should be alert and active watchdogs  and on the trash tax they should have been junk-yard dogs.  The Council should put a  stop to the Mayors  political b.s. shenanigans.

(P.S.  Cordova, Alaska has a charter election law that says that any elective official who wins with less than 40% should  have to have a runoff election” WITH IN THREE WEEKS”. )



RepublicanAegis – Its Time For Leadership In Aberdeen!

March 7, 2016


  • Aberdeen is clinging to a wrong-headed (legal) opinion…
  • Its McGrady’s fault that Aberdeen doesn’t have a complete city council.
  • For McGrady its way past time to lead Aberdeen out of this political morass



Aberdeen Special Council Meeting Jan 19 -Tea Party Republican Mayor Fumbles Another Responsibilty, Wants To Delay Search For New City Manager

January 17, 2016



The Aberdeen City Council (  Sandra Landbeck, Melvin Taylor, and Tim Lindecamp)  requested funding for a consultant to help search for a new city manager. Mayor McGrady  opposed the matter suggesting it would be a financial burden on the city. The current city manger, Doug Miller, was hired (starts  new job Feb 8th)by the Ocean City Md town government.  The consultant fee matter was supposed to take place on Jan 25th. McGrady has stalled and frustrated the solution to the council vacancy problem ( Three months to make a simple  decision, that New Windsor,Md  did in two weeks))  ignoring the democratic process and the will of the voters. Now he wants to stall or frustrate the search for a city manager  under the guise of saving money.

Councilwoman Landbeck Request Consultant Fee For City Manager Search

January 15, 2016

Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Is Blindsided By Reality And A Consultant Fee

January 15, 2016

Aberdeen City Council Rejects Mayors Nomination For Vacant Seat/ Landbeck Explains Why

December 26, 2015

RepublicanAegis/DaveAnderson – Aberdeen City Council Declines DeBonis Nominee, Mayor Appears To Be Out Of Touch With Political Reality

December 22, 2015


Mayor “Shady” McGrady: “If They (City Council) Want To Make It A War Against Me, Thats Their Perogative” Oct 2011

November 4, 2015


Aberdeen City Election – Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015 – The Winning Democrataic Ticket For Aberdeen

October 29, 2015


DodgyDagger – Bennett Faces Three Challengers In Aberdeen Mayoral Race, Three Tea Party Republican Stooges Try To Take Over City Council In Nine Candidate Race

October 6, 2015





RepublicanAegis/ErikaButler – Aberdeen Town Election : Councilwoman Ruth Elliot Challenges Mayor Michael Bennett

September 7, 2015


The Republican/Aegis reports that current Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennett will be challenged by Councilwoman Ruth Elliot in this years town election on November 6th.   Appointed Councilman Steve Smith will seek voter approval to keep his political seat. And council members Ruth Ann Young and Sandra Landbeck are undecided about reelection.

Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady who lost his bid for mayor four years (2011)  ago in a close race has lost his political fire  since getting married .  McGrady told the Republican Aegis “…I have no definitive plans at this point today.” McGrady also lost  in 2010  when he ran for House of Delegates  in the Maryland General  Assembly. But McGrady did say he was “dissatisfied with the current stock of candidates for mayor and city council, so I may have to run.” There is an open seat and one new challeger.

At the August meetng of the New Harford Democratic Club  it was also announced that Rev. Melvin Taylor would be a candidate for the city council.



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