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What Are The Ulterior Motives of the Three Leaders of the Expel Lisanti Protest???

March 26, 2019


Would the leaders of the Expel Lisanti Protest  all seek to be nominated by the HarfDCC to replace her???

Is that the  real  ulterior  motive of this  protest to stir up racial animosity against Mary Ann Lisanti?

Are they exploiting a personal racial mistake by a Progressive Democrat for political self interest and personal gain?

Is it all about stealing an elected officials political seat with a  corrupt undemocratic appointment by the Harf DCC?

Lisanti  has been sufficiently punished for allegedly making  a alcohol-induced racial slur!

She has apologized . She has been censured. And she has vowed to work for restitution for her racial faux pas or blunder!

Does the Expel Protest seek justice with mercy or injustice with malice?


  •  Carlos Taylor says no, but thinks Lisanti is just getting a  “slap on the  hand”. Really?  An alcohol induced racial faux pas means no apology accepted?. What kind of  person  would be so cruel , cold and heartless?
  • Marla Posey-Moss and Sarahia Benn did not respond to my inquiry.

Governor Hogan Supports Harford Republican J.D. Russell Who Supports Voter ID For Maryland — A Racist Effort To Suppress The Black Vote! Does That Make Hogan A Racist?

October 21, 2018

Gov. Larry Hogan endorses J.D. Russell for State Delegate  to Annapolis Dist. 34A!

What Moderate Far-Right Reoublican  Hogan doesn’t tell you is that J.D. “Jim Crow” Russell wants Maryland to have  a Voter ID Law to suppress the vote of People of Color ! Voter ID Laws have been soundly denounced by the Courts as racially discriminating against non-whites. Voter ID Laws are popular policy with White Nationalists, Racists, Nazis and people of Red Neck persuasion !

J.D. Russell is also one of Harford County  Sheriff Jeff “More Guns’ Gahler’s  Gun Nuts that he wants to put in Annapolis. It seems Gahler thinks the answer to the rising gun violence in our society is “More Guns, Not Less” It is the motto of the NRA and Gun Lobbyists

. Gahler has  advocated for  a law to allow guns in churches and is friendly to the idea of arming teachers in our schools. Gahler also wants everyone to have the right to carry  a concealed weapon (RTC) like they  do in Texas .Unfortunately all facts and statistics show that  States with the most guns  per capita are the states  with the most gun violence  and gun deaths especially cop gun deaths.

So  the Moderate Far Right Republican Gov Hogan thinks  a gun nut and a racially challenged JD. Russell is the “kind of leader we need ” in Southern Harford.

Doesn’t that mean that Gov. Larry Hogan is also  a crazed Gun Nut and a racially challenged  politician?.

South Harford doesnt  need wacko far right politicians like J.D. Russell or lying far right politicians like Larry Hogan.

Vote  Ben Jealous for Governor !- Vote Marry Ann Lisanti and Sarahia Benn (write-in) for House of Delegates!

Ben , Benn,and Lisanti! It has a  ring to it!



Write In S.Benn For House of Delegate in District 34A

September 14, 2018


South Harford Democratic  self-appointed political boss Art ” Helton  persuaded Democratic candidates  Mary Lisant,i, Steve Johnson and Mary D. James to support a Team Harford  election day propaganda  handout. The handout  was funded by efforts by Art Helton,  Steney Hoyers DCCC and Mike Millers  Maryland Democrats Senate Caucus Committee. The handout was the dirty politics of Harford poltical boss Art Helton , Maryland  State political boss Mike “the Fixer” Miller and  DCCC politica; boss Steney Hoyer to interfere in Democratic primary election to try to rig the primary for their chosen candidates  Jesse Colvin , Mary.D. James and Steve  Johnson

. This was Democratic leaders telling Democrats how to vote in the primary. The Democratic leaders have no business using campaign funds against their own candidates. Its called “Rigging the primary”. This ballot was handed out in Harford pretending to be a “Sample Ballot” when in fact it was  a  propaganda ballot by and for  the political bosses. This is plain and simple corruption of the Democratic primary by elected and self-appointed Democratic leaders.

The write in campaign for Sarahia  Benn is an attempt to correct the misdeeds of Democratic bosses corrupt effort to tell Democrats how to vote in the Democratic primary. Democrats dont need to be tricked or fooled into voting for who they want in the Primary.  The Primary is a chance for Democrats to tell the Democratic bosses WHO THEY WANT!

Democratic voters dont want to be bossed around by corrupt Democratic leaders. Democratic voters dont want their vote to be bought by the Democratic bosses!

On election day: Write In S.Benn for House of Delegate District 34A! Tell the Political Bosses who you really want! Don’t Be A Chump, Vote for the Peoples Champ!

Republican Aegis – Republican Glen Glass Wins A Close Primary While Newcomer Democrat Sarahia Benn Loses A Close Primary !

June 29, 2018


Steve Johnson Only Leads Newcomer Challenger Sarahia Benn By 65 Votes – Benn Should Ask For Recount, She Could Win With Absentee Vote

June 27, 2018


The initial count for Harford Countys Legislative Distict 34A  for House of Delegates  is Mary Anne Lisanti 3,698  (47%),  Steve Johnson 2,138 (27%), and Sarahia Benn 2,073 (26%).

Mary Anne Lisanti ran away with the primary as expected/ .

Steve Johnson who came in fourth place  four years ago had a disappointing showing in his second try.  He is  a head right now by one percent of the vote. But with all the Art Helton political machine money and influence , the avalanche of political yard signs and  all the sleazy dirt bag political tricks   the machine tried its amazing how small his vote count was.

Johnson  has initially come in second place as  a winner, with a 65 vote advantage. But a recount  and an  absentee ballot count could still change the outcome

Congratulations to Sarahia Benn’s almost perfect campaign effort. We have not heard the end of Sarahia Benn.


Election 2018 Predictions

June 25, 2018



Barbara Kreamer candidate for MD State Senate primary  will win with at least 51% of the vote!



Allison Galbraith, Democratic primary candidate for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s First District will win with 45% of the vote Mike Puller will get 30% of the vote and Jesse Colvin will get 25%  of the vote!


Ishak And Kreis  will  win approval by the voters for the Circuit Court!


Sarahia Benn, candidate for the Democratic primary for House of Delegates D34A will win nomination   to the Genera lElection with 34% of the vote!


New Harford Democratic Club Meet And Greet Congressional Candidate Steve Worton And House Of Delegate Candidate Srahia Benn (34A)

February 6, 2018


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