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Atomic Blonde : Allison Galbraith For Congress (MD1)

July 27, 2017



Graphics/Research – C.Jones


Aberdeen Tea Party Mayor Pat McGrady Wants A New Ordinance To Make It Illegal To Live In A Card Board Box – McGrady Says ” We Have To Draw The Line Somewhere… Not On My Watch!!!!”

April 14, 2017


RepublicanAegis – Harford Developer Sues “Keep Fallston Rural”

April 29, 2016




WashPo And BaltoSun Endorse War-Monger Democrat Chris Van Hollen For Maryland U.S. Senate

April 26, 2016

Pro-Israeli Billionaire Haim Saban Drops $100K Against Donna Edwards in Md Race

Maryland Senate Race- Israel Divides Van  Hollen and Edwards

Salon -Fox News Wingnuts Slime Samantha Bee, Crazy Right Doesnt Understand Comedy

March 24, 2016


NYMag/NYTimes -Did Obamas Ridicule At WH Correspondece Dinner Help Motivate Trump To Run For Prez???

March 13, 2016


Sunpaper Sports Writer Mike Preston Apologizes For Making Outlandish Raven-Steelers Prediction. Promises To Be More Objective And Rational In The Future

December 28, 2015



Are HBO And Netflix In Bidding War For Movie/TV Rights To Barbara Mikulski Political Thriller Novel???

March 4, 2015


Official Harford County Police Song For the Next Four Years Under Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler

December 8, 2014

The NRA Gun Song.

Guns are neat, Guns are sweet
Guns are things, what makes you cool
Guns are fine, Guns are mine
Guns are things,that Jesus brings!
Guns for loonies, Guns for cons
Guns for Moonies, Guns for moms!

Guns are fun for everyone
Buy them up by the ton
Guns for me,Guns for ypu
Guns for nuts and childrens too!
Guns at home,Guns at work
Guns at play, Guns beserk!

Tons and tons of great big guns
Are tons and tons of great big fun!
I’ve got guns up my nose
Between my ears and by my toes!
I’m no fool,I’m so cool
I take guns to my school!
I take guns to my car
To the store and to the bar!
I got guns in a drawer
In my pockets and on the floor!
I got guns on the wall
Behind the toilet and in the hall!
I got guns in my bed
One is growing from my head!
Get a gun and get it fast
Gun-Gun Shoot-Shoot is a blast

Tea Party/Campaign For Liberty Does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 31, 2014

Colbert Rand Paul Head Stomp

October 31, 2010


Tea Party T-Shirts For Right-Wing Loonies, Angry Racists, And The Simply Grossly Misinformed

August 22, 2010


Sarah Palin And Woody Allen on Oprah

November 14, 2009

WashPo – Major Cities Plummeting Crime Rates Mystifying

July 21, 2009

WashPo According to the Washington Post violent crime rates have fallen in major American cities. Criminologists are mystified. The Republicans blame Obama.

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