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Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Wants To Steal Your Vote! Tell Him To Nominate Stephen Smith! Tell Him To Act Fairly And Democraticly!

February 5, 2016


Three months and still no decision to fill the fourth seat on the Aberdeen City Council. This is a political scandal. New Windsor, Md  resolved their election tie in 10 days. Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady has obstructed any proper and fair democratic resolution to the tie vote problem with his own partisan agenda.

The Mayor should nominate the other tie-vote candidate, Stephen Smith, and let the City Council do its democratic duty and resolve the tie-vote. Follow the law and the will of the voters.

Mayor/Council telephone 410-271-1600


The Mayor Of Aberdeen Should Nominate Stephen Smith For Council Seat Four. He Should StopThe Partisan Political Game He Is Playing With The Tie-Vote Resolution

January 25, 2016

    The Mayor of Aberdeen should stop his partisan political games and nominate Stephen Smith for the City Council seat four. The Council is suppose to be resolving the election tie-vote between Sean DeBonis and Stephen Smith. The voters chose these two candidates. Each received 655 votes.  The Mayor already nominated DeBonis and the Council rejected him.  The only other candidate the voters qualified for the tie-vote was Stephen Smith. He should thus be nominated by the Mayor and let the Council decide.. The resolution of the tie-vote is not suppose to be an opportunity for the Mayor to grab illegitimate power.

The resolution of the tie-vote is suppose to between DeBonis and Smith. They are the two  candidates that the voters qualified for the fourth seat. The Mayor’s second suggested nominee Jason Kolligs is not qualified for the fourth seat. He came in 8th place.. Not fourth. The Mayor should stop the political game playing with Aberdeen democracy. He should follow the law and the will of the voters.

Aberdeen voters count!




Break The Tie-Vote Democraticly—-Nominate Stephen Smith For Council Seat Four

January 21, 2016



The Aberdeen City government has been hacked by the new Mayor…Patrick McGrady…a card carrying Tea Party Republican.  The Voters voted. DeBonis And Smith tied with 655 votes each for council seat four.   The Council was suppose to break the tie-vote  between Democrat Smith and Tea Party Republican DeBonis. The Council was given a chance  to support DeBonis, a McGrady crony . The Council rejected him.  Now the Council  has  not been given a chance to vote on the other tie-vote candidate— Steve Smith …because the Mayor is a partisan political hack.  Instead, the Mayor says he will nominate another Tea Party Republican crony that lost by coming in eighth. The Mayor  doesn’t have the RIGHT to thwart the will of the voters. He has hacked the democratic process.

The Mayor should follow the law and the will of the voters. Break the tie-vote. Nominate Smith and stop frustrating the  democratic process!

[New Windsor, Md had a tie vote in 1999 (May 2nd) . Like Aberdeen they had no charter references to tie vote resolution. They quickly had legal advice from four lawyers that said the matter should be handled as a “vacancy”. The Council voted to resolve the matter eight days later (May 20). Three votes went to the incumbent Paul Garver, one vote went the challenger, Sam Pierce. Problem solved. They followed the law and respected the will of the voters.They chose between the two tied candidates)



Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Should Nominate The Other Candidate That Tied For the Fourth Council Seat!!!! Nominate Stephen Smith! Follow The Law And The Will Of The People!

January 14, 2016


The Aberdeen City Council’s job is to break the tie-vote, not choose an alternative candidate that is more comforting to the mayor. Sean DeBonis, the Mayors crony, lost the council run-off vote. Now give Stephen Smith a chance in the council run-off vote. This is about fundamental democracy and respecting the will of the voters. This is exactly what they did in New Windsor, Md when they had  a  council tie-vote . Follow the law and the will of the people. Aberdeen voters matter!


Mayor/City Council Telephone – 410-272-1600

Mayors E-Mail

Council E-Mails –




Baltimore Sun – New Windsor Follows Law To Resolve Tie Vote –

RepublicanAegis – Is Aberdeen TeaParty Republican Mayor McGrady A Partisan Political Hack???

January 3, 2016


On Dec 21, the Aberdeen City Council unanimously rejected Mayor McGradys first nomination to fill the counsel seat vacancy. His choice was his Tea Party Republican crony  Sean DeBonis (644 votes) who tied for the fourth seat with incumbent Stephen Smith (644 votes).  The next fair and democratic step should have been the nomination of the Democratic incumbent Stephen Smith. Instead , according to Councilman Tim Lindecamp, Mayor McGrady has told council members that his next nominee will be another Tea Party political crony Jason Kolligs ( 511 votes) who came in 8th in the recent election.

This is political bullshit. Mayor McGrady is corrupting the political election process and the integrity of the Aberdeen City government. He is nothing less than a political partisan hack.


Aberdeen City Council Rejects Mayors Nomination For Vacant Seat/ Landbeck Explains Why

December 26, 2015

RepublicanAegis/DaveAnderson – Aberdeen City Council Declines DeBonis Nominee, Mayor Appears To Be Out Of Touch With Political Reality

December 22, 2015


RepublicanAegis – Tea Party Republican Mayor of Aberdeen Refuses Democratic Solution To Tie Election, Mayor Will Attempt To Nominate His Political Crony Sean DeBonis On Dec 21, City Manager Refuses To Answer Councilman Lindecamp Inquiry About Atty Generals Opinion

December 9, 2015


The Aberdeen City Council will have to decide on December  21st whether they want a democratic or autocratic  form of government making decisions for the next four years.The new Tea Party Republican mayor, Patrick McGrady, has chosen autocracy. Mayor McGrady  refuses the common sense and democratic solution to the tie vote problem and is determined to nominate his political crony for a four year unelected term. Its up to the Council to assert there democratic powers and reject the Mayors undemocratic solution. In the mean time someone from the City Council or the Aberdeen Election Board should request an opinion from the Attorney Generals office. City Manager Doug Miller continues to indicate he doesn’t want to do his job or answer embarrassing questions . The Aberdeen Election Board requested the Mayor allow them to contact an independent legal opinion on the matter. The Mayor ignored the request.

Republican Aegis Urges New Aberdeen Government To Set Up Special Runoff Election For The Fourth Seat On the Council – City Attorneys Advice Is “Nonsense” And Should Be Ignored – The Right Thing To Do Is Let Voters Finish The Job

November 15, 2015


Will There Be An Aberdeen Runoff Fish-Slapping Dance Between Stephen Smith And Sean DeBonis In Two Weeks?

November 14, 2015


DodgyDagger/Sandi – Court Records Show That Sean DeBonis Has Recent DUI Charges (2009) And Open Container Charges (2008) On Him That Resulted In Probation. DeBonis Is Currently A Candidate For Aberdeen City Council And Is Awaiting The Outcome Of A Tie Election Count.

November 12, 2015




RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen City Attorney “Dead Wrong” On Resolving Tie Vote, Tie Vote Is Not Really A Vacancy , Its a SNAFU! Tie Vote Elections Are Usually Resolved With A Runoff Election, Drawing Lots Or Council Vote

November 11, 2015


“The legal concept is, it is not a tie between  Sean DeBonis  and Stephen Smith. The people of Aberdeen failed to elect someone for the fourth seat. So we only have three seats elected” says Aberdeen City Manager Doug Miller . (City Told To Pick Fourth Winner, New Aberdeen Mayor To Appoint , Council To Ok, The Aegis,  Bryna Zumer ,Nov 11, 2015)

If this is the legal opinion of Aberdeen’s city attorney  then its “legal” bullshit. The Republican Aegis points out  two other tie elections in Harford County. Both were resolved with runoff elections (2003, Bel Air  and 1978 Havre de Grace; ) The people did not fail to elect someone, the political system  failed to work .  In New Windsor ,Md  in 1999 the city council VOTED to resolve the tie. (Gaithersburg has a charter provision that says a tie leads to a runoff, and if there is a tie in the runoff then  a coin-flip is required)

According to The Aegis, both candidates,involved in the election tie  are rightfully upset that there is no fair resolution. And all 600 plus voters who voted for these two candidates are going to be upset if there votes are thrown out. If EVERY VOTE COUNTS then these votes should not be discarded. The people elected two candidates with the tie vote. Either seat them both or provide a fair  resolution to the tie  –  a) a runoff, b) council vote or  c) drawing lots or flipping coins. As  Stephen Smith says “The citizens are being cheated”. And Sean DeBonis agrees ,telling the Aegis that the fairest solution to the tie vote is a runoff.election. Smith And/or DeBonis should take the matter to the Maryland Attorney General before this mistake becomes a  political joke.

After  the matter is resolved , the City Attorney should be let go for incompetence(.Sussman/Miller could find no data of tie elections in Maryland. The Aegis found two tie votes In Harford. Dr. Google  found one in New Windsor, Md)  And someone  should question the  city managers common sense..



RepublicanAeigis – The Official Results Of the Aberdeen City Election Show Incumbent Councilman Stephen Smith And Challenger Sean DeBonis Are Tied With 655 Votes Apiece – Aberdeen City Attorney Must Determine How To Decide Winner –

November 5, 2015

012 ph-ag-0394-aberdeen-election-results-jpg-20151105stunned

The drama is not over yet in Aberdeens city elections. The  defeat of three-term incumbent Mayor Michael Bennett to the   snarky inexperieced  29 year old Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady was not expected . Now, surprise number two,  the fourth seat in the city council  election is declared an electoral tie. Incumbent  Stephen Smith and Tea-Party challenger Sean DeBonis  both recieved 655 votes. County election officials said Aberdeens city attorney must determine how to decide the winner. They could flip a coin, cut a deck of cards, draw straws or hold a runoff election.

Also, The Republican Aegis (The Record/AegisOnline)  printed a photo of the defeated Mayor Bennett after the election and labels it  a “stunned “look. It really just looks like he took off his glasses and is thinking. He doesnt look stunned,he looks TIRED.


DodgyDagger – Bennett Faces Three Challengers In Aberdeen Mayoral Race, Three Tea Party Republican Stooges Try To Take Over City Council In Nine Candidate Race

October 6, 2015





TeaParty WingNut Watch – Sean DeBonis Aberdeen Tea Party Candidate For City Council Works For J&K Associates, The Largest Harford County Gun Dealer – Here Are The Specials of The Week At J&K – Mr DeBonis’s Favorite Activities Are Hunting And Gun Rallys!

October 1, 2015





Libertarian Republican Patrick McGrady Attempts To Take Over Aberdeen City Government With A Four-Man Slate of Tea Party Candidates He Calls the “Fix Aberdeen Team”

September 25, 2015



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