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MarylandReporter – M-D James Among Maryland Legislators Getting High Marks From Consumer Group But Not GOP… And Not Harford GOP

September 19, 2014







M-D James earned an 86% Rating  in 2014 from the Maryland Consumer Group (a 79% rating for the four year term).

Glenn Glass earned a failing Consumer Protection Grade for 2014 of 47%  and an over all term  failed rating  of 60%

North Harford legiislator all recieved failed ratings  Wayne Norman 48%, Sifler 47%, McComas 66%

Sen. Nancy Jacobs only one of two State Senators with failing grade 63% for 2014, 59% for four year term

RepublicanAegis – Harford County Hotel Tax Authority Becomes Reality Because of “Secret” Campaign of Former Harford Democrat Delegate Mary Hatem Bonsack And Her Discussions Last December With Senate President Mike Miller – Harfords Frictional Fractious Delegation Droped the Ball, Again

May 6, 2014


MdReporter/AssociatedPress/WashPost – Maryland Senate Votes 46 to 1 For Tax Credit Bill For ” House of Cards” , (One Democrat Opposed) – Sen Nancy Jacobs Was All A Twitter With Her Photo With Kevin Spacey

March 24, 2014


SeventhState – Marijuana Decriminaliztion Advances In Maryland Senate, Harford Republican Sen. Nancy Jacobs Joins Six Democrats For 8-3 Committee Vote

March 14, 2014


DodgyDagger – Mike Hiob Confesses: “I Am a Democrat…I Didn’t ‘Allign Myself With Fred Simmons (Republican)’…Rather, I Voted With Him…” ” I Voted For Nancy Jacobs (Republican) Because She Was Running Against You Art (Democrat)…”

January 12, 2014


Top 10 Dumbest Political Moments In Harf County Politics In 2013 #1-A. South Harford Blue-Dog Dem Delegate Mary-Dulany James Joins Reactionary Republican Sen. Nancy Jacobs And Know-Nothing Del. Glenn Glass To Vote Against Common Sense Gun Control In Maryland

January 12, 2014


Top Ten Dumbest Political Momements In Harf County In 2013 – #3. The Mediocre, The Bad And the Ugly : Del. Mary-Dulany James Votes 50% of Time For Environmental Reform While Reactionary Republican Sen. Nancy Jacobs And Know-Nothing Republican Del. Glenn Glass Vote For Zero Environmental Reform (Md LCV Legislative Sccorecard 2013)

January 12, 2014


ITS OFFICIAL : Harford County Blue Dog Democrat Del. Mary Dulany James Is In The Race For Maryland State Senate District 34

October 16, 2013


This political flyer was distributed in the Aberdeen area on Tuesday evening , October 15.2013. And Mary-Dulany James for Senate website went up in late September.

Delegate James would not run for the Senate as long as Republican Nancy Jacobs was Senator.  In 2010 when the Dodgy Dagger circulated political rumors that Bob Ehrlich was considering putting Nancy Jacobs on he Gubanatorial ticket, Delegate James delayed until the last minute to file for re-election. The Dodgy Dagger suggested she was considering a run for the Senate if and only if Jacobs was out of the race. Jacobs earlier this year decided not to run for re-election in District 34 when redistricting removed Western Cecil County from her district. In the last election she lost Harford County to Athur Helton, but won reelection with the more Republican  West Cecil County. Jacobs was also politically stung in her race for Congress against the popular incumbent Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger.

With Nancy Jacobs out of the race, Delegate James is in.  Helton, redistricting and Ruppersberger pushed Jacobs out.  Democrats will have to decide  whether to reward James who watched and waited for her turn or reward Helton who fought the good fight that helped to finally push Jacobs out.

MdPolitics/Sun – Blue Dog Del. Mary-Dulany James (D-34) Interested In Senate Seat Now That Red Dog Nancy Jacobs (R-34) Is Out…Will There Be A Donnybrook With Bull Dog Art Helton? (*James Was Rumored By Dodgy Dagger In 2010 to Be Interested in Senate Race Only If Jacobs Ran For Lt.Gov With Ehrlich)

June 24, 2013


Was She Pushed Or Did She Jump? Did Arthur Helton And “Dutch” Ruppersberger Push Nancy Jacobs Into Retirement?

June 23, 2013

1198-1-3193b1198-1-1257b155125_104388976299337_3582746_n007What pushed Nancy Jacobs, the Godmother of the Harford Republican party,  to retire? Did Sen. Jacobs really “jump” because of “family matters” …..Or  was she pushed by two major political defeats? In her 2010 reelection victory, Sen Jacobs lost Harford County  to Athur Helton. She only won re-election with the reactionary Republican vote  in West Cecil County part of District 34. Then redistricting in 2012 removed West Cecil County from Senate District 34 leaving Sen. Jacobs with a dilemma. Faceing a possible defeat in 2014 with a less reactionary voter-base in District 34,  Sen Jacobs wrongly thought maybe there was a political escape  route in running  for Congress in the heavily Democratic 2nd district against the popular Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger. The voters in Congressional District 2 didnt buy Sen. Jacobs  nose-bleed reactionary Conservatism . She was savagely beaten by Ruppersberger.  Game over. The Democrats and Independent voters in South Harford want a more moderate candidate in the State Senate .

Richard Thompson – Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?

June 21, 2013

Monoblogue/TheAegis – South Harford State Sen.Nancy Jacobs Quits, Republican Pundit Says “Delegate Glenn Glass Would Be The Natural Successor…” Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

June 20, 2013


CecilTimes – State Leaders Tour Conowingo Dam – Republican South Harford State Sen. Nancy Jacobs Comments While Crossing Dam : “Where Is All the Debris…They Must Have Scooped It Up….Did They Know We Were Coming?”

June 3, 2013


Harford County Delegation In Annapolis

April 12, 2013


MPT/State Circle – Sen Nancy Jacobs Opposes Common Sense Gun Control With NRA Canards: “Good People…Are Losing Their 2nd Amendment Rights Under This Bill” Say What?

April 7, 2013

MarylandJuice – 58% Of Marylanders Support Banning Assault Weapons (Semi-Automatics), Sen James Raskin Plays Chess During Gun Hearing (Allegedly) , Sen Nancy Jacobs Defends Potty Breaks And Maryland Gun Control Opponents Flooded Nine Hour Hearings With Boring Repetitive Testimony

February 10, 2013

juice1maryland shoooters 1POLLraskin-chessjacobs

MarylandJuice – Hard Right State Senator Nancy Jacobs Seeks To Bring Her Out Of Touch Obstrutionism To Washington

January 7, 2012

MarylandJuice – Harford County Legislative District 34 Redistricting May Make Sen. Nancy Jacobs Unelectable With No Cecil County Tea Party

December 17, 2011

GazetteNet – Jacobs Considers Run For Congress Against “Dutch” Ruppersberger , Fear of Reapportionment Removing Tea Party Cecil County Voters From District 34

December 5, 2011

ProgressiveMaryland Legislative Scorecard Rates Sen. Nancy Jacobs (9%Score) And Del.Glen Glass (Zero Score) As Two of The Worst State Legislators In Maryland, They Are Both Listed on the Champions of the Special Interests For 2011

October 26, 2011


MdLCV – Worst Legislative Envrironmental Scores In Harford For 2011: Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-Dist34) (20%), Del. Glenn Glass (R-Dist34A) 20% And Richard Impallaria (R-Distr-7) 17%

June 30, 2011


Cecil Whig Promotes A Sen. Nancy Jacobs/Patrick “Shady” McGrady, Republican-Tea Party Rally Against Maintaining And Repairing Our State Bridges (And Redistricting Jacobs Out of Cecil County?)

June 17, 2011

Aegis/Sun – Kim McCarthy, Member of Harford County Democratic Central Committee Points Out In Aegis Letter That State Sen. Nancy “No” Jacobs Has For The Last 5 Years “Voted Against Funding Road And Bridge Improvements In Harford And Cecil County”.

June 11, 2011

Letter to the Editor/The Aegis.Friday,June 10,2011:

    “Instead of attending Toll rallies and issuing press releases, I think Sen Nancy Jacobs should answer why she has voted against funding for road and bridge improvements in Harford and Cecil counties for the last five years?…rather than just voting “no, she could have prevented the proposed toll increases” Kim  McCarthy

Progressive Maryland 2010 Legislative Scorecard – District 34 – Jacobs 25% – James 73% – Riley 91%

June 16, 2010

District 34

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