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WashPo – Sexism Already On Display In 2020 Race

February 19, 2019



TheNational/ Malcolm Gladwell – Hillary Haters (Mostly Men)Cant Stand Openly Ambitious Women (“Bitches”)

November 7, 2016

BillMaher/RealTime – Overtime – Clinton’s Cabinet -Sexual Predators.- You Never Knew Lucy –

November 5, 2016

Aberdeen (Md) TeaParty/Alt-Rt Republican Mayor “Shady” McGrady Still Endorses Racist-Sexist Bigot Donald Trump For President!!! He Has A Political Sign On His Renovated Church Property On W. Bel Air Ave!

October 18, 2016

Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady’s  renovated church property on W. Bel Air Ave/Law Street! No real church in America puts campaign political signs on there lawn!


InThese Times – The Trump Principle: Money Buys Access! Why Deny It? Money Creates Opportunity–For Those That Have It! And Money Lets Those That Have A Lot Of It Express Their Basest Impulses And Desires!

August 22, 2015


“Trump openly expresses the racism, sexism, contempt, and superiority that codes of civility and political correctness insist be repressed.”

DodgyDagger – Campaign Urges All-Male. All-White Incumbent Havre De Grace Elected Officials To Step Aside, And Encourage Women And Minorities To Run

March 3, 2015





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