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DodgyDagger – Slutzky Wants To Be Harford County Council President! So Does Jim Thornton!

January 15, 2014


Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics in 2013 – #1-B – Republican Harford County Councilman Dick Slutzky Is Lying Stooge for the NRA – He Claims “We Are Actually Arguably The Second Safest Country In The Western Hemisphere”. When In Fact America Has More Gun Related Killings Than Any Developed Country

January 12, 2014


Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harf County Politics In 2013 – #4. Harford County Council Three Stooges , Guthrie, Slutzky And Woods Introduce Illegal “Nullification” Resolution To Protest New Maryland Gun Laws (Nullification Idea Inspired By Cecil County Tea Party Republican Delegate Smiegel Who Has Also Called For Neo-Confederate Idea of “Sesssion” From Maryland)

January 6, 2014


Republican Harford County Councilman Dick Slutzky Is A Stooge For The NRA, He Claims “We Are Actually ArguablyThe Second Safest Country In The Western Hemisphere” When In Fact America Has More Gun-Related Killings Than Any Other Developed Country

May 20, 2013

gunlawsanddeathrates41198-1-4023btsGDP_PPP_Per_Capita_IMF_2008_svgCouncilman Dick Slutzky lies. He lies about the Johns Hopkins Center For Gun Policy because he and the NRA dont believe fact-based reality.  And his central remark at the Council meeting was a perfect example of lieing and decieving with statistics.  He says ., “We are actually  argulably the second safest country in the Western Hemisphere for crimes with firearms”. Western Hemisphere? False comparisons is a tactic of the dishonest.”   This is  bullshit  right out of the NRA handbook.   The Western Hemisphere includes only four developed countries. U.S., Canada, Mexico and Chile. Mexico stats are not available. Among developed countries in the West Hemisphere we are number one in gun violence. And more importantly, we are number one in gun violence  among all developed countries. The gun homicide rate is 20 times the combined rate of other western nations. Gun violence in U.S. compares to the deadliest nations in the world. Mr. Slutzky is a political stooge for the NRA.

firearm-OECD-UN-data3 MotherJones: More Guns, More Mass Shootings

Harford County Democracy In Action Photo Finish – Council President Boniface Asks For The Second Time: “Is There A Second?” Capt. Jim Looks At Woods For Support. Woods Stares Down Captain Jim. Lisanti And Boniface Wait With Anticipation. Shrodes,Slutzky And Guthrie Appear Disinterested As If They Know The Outcome…Slick

April 22, 2013



Boris Slutzky And Natasha Lisanti With Fearless Leader Wal-Mart

April 20, 2013


DodgyDagger/RepublicanAegis – Lisanti And Slutzky Kill Wal-Mart Bill With Amendment, Then Join With Guthrie, Woods And Shrodes To Kill Debate

April 20, 2013


HCN – Harford County Council Kills Wal-Mart Bill With A No Vote, Woods Or Guthrie Refuse To Second The Bill

April 20, 2013

HCN – Lisanti-Slutzky Amendment To Weaken ( or Clarify) Wal-Mart Bill Wins With 5-2 Vote, Guthrie And Woods Join The Opposition To Bill

April 20, 2013

The Sun – Harford Democrats Reject Compromise, Democrats And GOP Both Threaten Law Suit Over Redistricting

February 17, 2011


Aegis/Sun – Allan Vought/ETC – Redistrictings “Thanks To Slutzky And His Pals, You And Your Children Have Become … Pawns In The Master Game”

January 20, 2011


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