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Stephen Colbert – Fox Cover Up – State of Union – Lie Checking Trump Climate Change Claim

January 31, 2018

NYMag – Trump state of Union Filled With False Boasts And Empty Promises!

January 31, 2018


Marijuana Moment – Dems Pick Anit-Marijuana Kennedy For Trump State Of Union Response

January 30, 2018


NPR – Rising Democratic Political Star Congressman Joe Kennedy To Make The Rebuttal To Trumps State of the Union! – Trump Will Probably Tweet All Night About His New Found Enemy! There Must Be Something Special About Joe Kennedy, He Already Has The Bernie-Burnouts In An Uproar!

January 30, 2018


Bill Maher/ Real Time – New Rules – Hypothetical Trump State Of THe Union

February 27, 2016



Jon Stewart Recaps 2012 State of the Union Speech

January 27, 2012

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