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Intercept – “Wonder Boy”Steney Hoyer And AIPACs Politcal Power Coincidentally Rose Together In A Rightward Shift In Democratic Partys Foreign Policy Policy

June 20, 2019

Steney Hoyer

Is Steny Hoyer and His DCCC Rigging the Primary Election In Marylands First District By Supporting Baltimore Carpetbagger Neo-Conservative Jesse Colvin With Campaign Funding And Resources?

May 28, 2018


Is the DCCC “fixing” the Democratic primary for the conservative corporate Democrat over the progressive Democrat?

Why do the Establishment Democratic leaders not believe in a fair and open democratic process?



Democracy Now – Senior DCCC Democrat Caught On Tape Pressuring Progressive Candidate To Get Out of Race

May 28, 2018

Politico – Pelosi Supports Steny Hoyer Remarks On Secret Recording Abor Riggig Primary Elections! Pelosi More Concerned About Legality of Tellemann’ Making Recordings!

May 28, 2018


Steny Hoyer And DCCC Continue To Meddle in 2018 Democratic Primary Contests

May 28, 2018




NYMag – Steny Hoyers DCCC Riggs Democratic Primaries Against Progressives With Dubious Rolodex Viability Test

May 28, 2018


Is Maryland Congressman Steny “The Whip” Hoyer And the DCCC Trying To “Fix” Or “Rig” The Maryland First Congressional District Primary Election For Neo-Conservative Carpetbagger Jesse Colvin?

May 25, 2018

Is Steny Hoyer and the DCCC giving Jessie Colvin “invisible assistance in funding , polling and endorsements ?

Is Steny Hoyer and the DCCC manipulating Democrats   to vote against the progressive candidates in the First Congressional District primary?







Intercept – Maryland Congressman Steny “The Whip”Hoyer Caught Trying To “Fix” A Democatic Primary For DCCC

May 24, 2018


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