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Real News – How Robert Mercer, Bizarre Billionare, Backed Steve Bannon And Made Trump President

April 18, 2019

NYMag – Michael Moore: How Steven Bannon Changed His Thinking

September 21, 2018

MSNBC/ Steve Bannon -” The 20018 Election Is A Referendum On Trump”

August 20, 2018

WashPost /Fareed Zakaria – Steve Bannon Has A Clever Way GOP Can Prevent A Brutal Mid-Term Defeat: Attack Asian Immigration

June 2, 2018


TheGuardian – Cambridge Analytica Facebook Influence Of U.S. Elections

March 17, 2018


TheHollywoodReporter – Late Night Comedy Weigh In On Bannon Leaving Breitbart

January 10, 2018



RollingStone/Matt Taibbi – Why Michael Wolffs Book Is Good News!

January 7, 2018


Jimmy Kimmel – President Trump vs Steve Bannon

January 5, 2018

NYMag – Republicans Turn On Steven Bannon For Telling the Truth About Trump!

January 5, 2018


NewYorker – Michael Wolffs Withering Portrait Of President Donald Trump

January 5, 2018


Steven Colbert – Weather Report, Dishonest Media Awards, Trump Turns On Bannon

January 4, 2018

NYMag = Is Bannonism The New Far Right Republican Party?

January 4, 2018


NYMag: Fire And Fury Book – Steve Bannon Claims Trump Did Not Want To Win

January 3, 2018



New Yorker/Jane Mayer /Democracy Now – Robert Mercer, The Hedge Fund Tycoon Behind Trump Presidency

December 28, 2017

NYMag – Steve Bannon Tries To Remake Michael Grimm Into A Republican Populist

October 27, 2017


TYT – Chuck This Out! MSNBC/MTP Chuck Todd Compares Bernie Sanders Medicare For All to Steve Bannon’s Racism!

September 15, 2017

Tabloid News: Bannon Banned!

August 20, 2017



Democracy Now – Steve Bannon – The Devils Bargain – Intervie With Joshua Green

August 1, 2017

New Yorker/Ryan Lizza – Scaramucci Called Me To Unload About White House Leakers Reince Priebus And Steve Bannon

July 28, 2017


NPR/Fresh Air – The Devils Bargain : Donald Trump/Steve Bannon Relationship

July 24, 2017


NYReviewofBooks – The Making of the Tabloid President

July 19, 2017


C-Span – PBS Film Director Michael Kirk – “Bannons War”

May 24, 2017

RollingStone – War In The White House: Republican Old Guard & Jared Kushner vs AtltRight White Nationalist Steve Bannon

May 9, 2017


Empire Files -Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon

March 25, 2017

Salon – Decoding Steve Bannon – Is His Hateful Ideology Rooted In Family Trauma Or is He Just Another Tea Party Racist Asshole?

March 17, 2017



TheDailyBeast -Trumps Chief Advisor Steve Bannon In College Was A Greatful Dead Fan, A Jerry Brown Liberal And A Ladies Man – Now He’s A Hard Right White Nationalist Racist! What The Hell Happen?

March 15, 2017




Bloomberg – Steve Bannon’s Political Guru Is The MSNBC Journalist Rachel Maddow

March 13, 2017



Steve Bannon – “I watch her (Rachel Maddow) show every night. I’m a fan”

“We deconstruct her show basicly every day to look for insights. She leaves marks on people.”

“Tell her (Rachel Maddow) this guy’s not a cloven-hoofed devil.”




NYTimes -Department of Justification – Sessions/Bannon White Nationalist/Racist Immigation Plans

March 11, 2017


ResPublica – White Supremacist Steve Bannon In l976 Won SGA President Race – Ran Against Main Opponent For Being “Out Of Touch” Used Same Political Strategy Against Clinton As Trumps Chief Strategist

March 1, 2017



Stop Steve Bannon: Tell Congress – No White Supremacist on Natl. Security Council

February 28, 2017



Bill Maher -Trump White Supremacist WH Srategist Steve Bannon in 2012

February 28, 2017

Vox- Steve Bannon is the Hans Gruber of American Politics

February 26, 2017


WashPo -Bannon Molded Breitbart Into Far-Right Sledgehammer ! Whats Next For Breietbart?

February 20, 2017


Rachel Maddow -02/15/17 – The Steve Bannon Wife Abuse Police Report ! And – The Andrew Puzder Wife Abuse (Oprah) Testimony Video! (First RM video deleted by YT or WordPress)

February 16, 2017

NYMag Gen James “Mad Dog” Mattis vs Steve “Madman” Bannon -The Diplomat-Warrior vs the Racist-Warmonger

February 13, 2017


How To Get Rid of Steve Bannon: Raise His Profile

February 13, 2017

NYMag – Steve Bannon Sees Himself As Trump’s “Thomas Cromwell” Will His Head Also End Up On A Spike?

February 11, 2017


SNL – Rosie O’Donnell As Steve Bannon? Leslie Jones As Trump?

February 10, 2017



Bizarre Right Billionare Behind Trump Presidency

February 10, 2017


The Nation – Steve Bannon Wants To Start World War III

February 9, 2017




WashPo – So Called Pres Trump Upset Over Melissa McCarthy Mocking Sean Spicer/ Rosie O’Donnell Asked To Do President Bannon Next

February 7, 2017




Time Magazine – President Steve Bannon? The Great Manipulator -Chief White House Advisor – White Supremacist

February 4, 2017

NYMag – Steve Bannon Sees Himself As Trumps Thomas Cromwell – Will His End Be As Ugly As King Henrys Chief Advisor

February 1, 2017


The Hill – Sen.Bernie Sanders Says “Bannon Must Be Removed From Natl Security Council”

January 31, 2017

Maddow – Top Trump Aid Steve Bannon – Alt-Right Media Mogul

November 21, 2016

Southern Poverty Law Center – White Nationalists Rejoice Trumps Appointment Of Racist Steve Bannon As Chief White House Strategist

November 15, 2016


C-Span/WashJournal – Trump Names Priebus and Bannon To Top White House Jobs – Bannon Is A White Nationalist Alt-Right (Racist)CEO of Breitbart News

November 15, 2016




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