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Is Steve Goodin Who Was Undemocraticly Appointed To The Aberdeen City Council Still The Bastard Councilman of Aberdeen???YES!! He Was Never Elected And Illegally Appointed!!!

May 10, 2019

Aberdeen Mayor Finds Way To Get Homeless Out Of Aberdeen! Make It A Crime To Be Homeless In Aberdeen!

March 31, 2017

Aberdeen (Md) Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck joined the Aberdeen Tea Party (Mayor Pat  McGrady and Steven Goodin) to co-sponsor a town ordinance to make living in a homeless tent  in Aberdeen a crime.  The ordinance will impose a $50 fine on anyone living in a tent for more than 24 hours within the town borders.

The “Handcuff the Homeless” Bill is meant to create an incentive for the homeless to get out of Aberdeen. Dwelling in a tent outside of Aberdeen allows the Aberdeen homeless problem to become a Harford Couty problem.

Ciuncilwoman Landbeck is quoted in the Republican Aegis/Sun ; “Now we’re unable lawfully to go in and say ‘You need to move’.This ordinance will give us that. We can say , ‘You can find someplace else, you just cant stay here.”

Landbeck went on to say :“It gives us authority to TREAT THE PROBLEM rather than ENABLE THE PROBLEM.”

Criminalizing the homeless is Landbeck and McGrady’s idea of “treating the problem”.

Ironicly the Police Chief Henry Trabert says  “We dont expect to get any real fines out of these people. We know they don’t have money. And we don’t to see them incarcerated, that’s not the idea”

What the hell is  the idea then. McGrady and Landbeck want to criminalize the problem and kick the problem out of town limits. Trabert, the Sociologist-Cop,  wants to solve it as a community social economic problem. “Its our duty to make sure we take care of the people who cant take care of themselves.”

If the illegitimately  appointed Councilman Steve Goodin joins McGrady-Landbeck in supporting the ordinance then the measure becomes law  unless the State or ACLU declares it unconstitutional. Goodin , a McGrady  crony,was chosen by McGrady for this mission . McGrady  solved the election tie-vote last year  by ignoring  the 699 votes that Stephen Smith recieved and instead appointed Goodin to the council  having recieved no votes. If Smith had been rightly  allowed in the tie-vote runoff McGrady would not have enough  corrupt votes to push such an ignorant inhumane measure.

If you don’t stop corruption when it starts it just spreads like cancer..

April 10th Rally at City Hall! Throw the Political Bums Out, Not the Homeless!


Aberdeen (Md) Democracy: Good Cop vs Bad Cop

August 27, 2016


Republican Aegis – Tea Party Republican Mayor And Council-Appointee Vote Against $1 Mill State Grant To Support Frito Lay Expansion – McGrady And Goodin Don’t Like State Grant Money, Would Prefer Funds Went To Bel Air Or Havre De Grace

August 13, 2016

Now we know exactly why the corrupt Aberdeen Mayor refused a fair and democratic council runoff vote to resolve last Novembers council tie-vote. He didn’t allow tie-vote candidate Stephen Smith to participate in the  tie-vote runoff because he wasn’t a Tea Party Libertarian.  It didn’t matter that Smith  had received 655 votes. It didn’t  matter that  Goodin wasn’t even in the election and wasn’t even apart of the tie-vote. Mayor McGrady just  wanted a Tea Party crony on the council and he got one . He rigged the tie-vote for “philosophical differences”. He doesn’t  respect fair democratc elections and doestnt respect the will of the voters..

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