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PoliSatire -Steve Johnson Goes MIA About Lisanti “Racial Slur” Matter! Rumor Has It He Has Burned Or Deleted All Photos With His Legislative Democrat Partner In Annapolis!

March 1, 2019


Harford County Del. Mary Ann Lisanti speaks with Del. Steve Johnson as she stands to leave the House Chamber on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019. The Maryland House of Delegates voted to censure Lisanti, a Democrat, for using a racial slur. The vote was 136-0, with Lisanti excused from voting. (Ulysses Munoz/Baltimore Sun/TNS via Getty Images)

When Harford County Delegate Steve Johnson was asked where he stands on the call for  Harford County Del.Mary Ann Lisanti to resign over the  an alleged “racial slur”, he responded:

“It’s  a conundrum. If I support her resignation I lose most of my white voters. And if I oppose her resignation I lose most of my black voters. I can’t win so I dodge the whole matter. ….I even try not to get caught being photographed with her.”

Democrats In Crisis In Aberdeen

August 12, 2018


The Win Blows

The whirlwind around

The echo vibrates

The message into sound

We hesitate, procrastinate

But it’s already too late

As history arrives within the wind

We’re doing the same thing again……

-RD Revilo



“Team Harford” Candidates Promoted A Political Propaganda Ballot As A Fraudulent “Sample Ballot” This Past Election Day!!! Steve J., Mary L., And Mary J. Need To Apologize For Their Political Chicanery!

July 12, 2018




They illegally handed out this ballot as a “sample ballot” until election judges and the police told them to stop!

“Team Harford” candidates that cooperated with this political fraud were Steve Johnson, Mary D James and Mary Anne Lisanti!!!

None of these Democratic candidates have come forward to apologize for this illegal  instructed behavior of their campaign workers on Election Day!!!

Steve Johnson, Mary D. James and Mary Anne Lisanti need to apologize  for their political chicanery!





Steve Johnson Only Leads Newcomer Challenger Sarahia Benn By 65 Votes – Benn Should Ask For Recount, She Could Win With Absentee Vote

June 27, 2018


The initial count for Harford Countys Legislative Distict 34A  for House of Delegates  is Mary Anne Lisanti 3,698  (47%),  Steve Johnson 2,138 (27%), and Sarahia Benn 2,073 (26%).

Mary Anne Lisanti ran away with the primary as expected/ .

Steve Johnson who came in fourth place  four years ago had a disappointing showing in his second try.  He is  a head right now by one percent of the vote. But with all the Art Helton political machine money and influence , the avalanche of political yard signs and  all the sleazy dirt bag political tricks   the machine tried its amazing how small his vote count was.

Johnson  has initially come in second place as  a winner, with a 65 vote advantage. But a recount  and an  absentee ballot count could still change the outcome

Congratulations to Sarahia Benn’s almost perfect campaign effort. We have not heard the end of Sarahia Benn.


Steve Johnson Bumped Into Mary D. James In Annapolis This Past March In A Highly Organized Political Arrangemet! – Aberdeen’s Democratic Political Boss Art Helton Arranged A Political-Ticket Marriage Between Johnson And James When They Both Decided To Register For Running For Political Office! Is it A Political-Ticket Made In Heaven or One Made In Hell??!

April 10, 2018

f12d95d4bfbc479782895c1163217f75  Can  Steve Johnson, running for House of Delegates,  save Mary D James’s questionable political  reputation as she tries  a dubious do-over Senate race? Or will James’s defective character drag down Johnson’s character and vote totals in his  June political primary?


James’s political campaign was crushed in 2014 by 15 points,  in her bid for the State Senate when she ran against   Far-Right Republican Conservative Bob Cassilly.   James loss was  due mainly to her political reputation as an ethically and racially challenged Democrat.

She wanted to ride to victory on her fathers reputation as  a common sense moderate State Senator sixty plus years ago. But the Democrats and Independent voters didn’t buy it in 2014.

They didn’t buy it because James is a reactionary political weather vane.  And   Dems and Indies have not forgot  or forgiven James’s for her corrupt shenanigans?

James must have forgot that she wasn’t very popular back in Aberdeen in 2014 where she tried to politically black mail the town government into giving her law firms client ( an upscale CCRC*) an undeserved tax break for the promise to fight for a hotel tax for Harford County.

It was James’s job as elected official to work for the hotel tax.  But she misused her elected political position to bargain for the economic gain of  the her law firm. This was out and out political corruption.

James also made political enemies  with a large number of Southern Harford voters when  her chief of staff became involved in  a bloody drunken  fight  in Del. James’s Annapolis  office four years ago and then  blamed the assault  on an imaginary “6 foot two black man”.

James never publicly apologized for the racist drunken  incident and it was never clear whether she fired her political aide.

And to add insult to injury Mary D. James’s  formidable opponent in her upcoming Democratic primary is her once good friend  and hard working Democratic Party work horse Barbara Osborne Kreamer.  Elected 5 times in a row to the Harford County Democrat  Central Committee (HCDCC) she is the stalwart face of the progressive values of the Harford Democratic party for the past four decades.

Has James  got a political chance against Kreamer ?

Who will the Dems pick in their political primary ? The flawed but talented engaged progressive workhorse or the corrupt entitled bored conservative  show horse?



Resist the good old boy Democratic political bosses in Annapolis and Aberdeen!  Defy the reactionary conservatism and white supremacy of the  Harford Republican Trump Party.

*CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community)


New Harford Democratic Club Meeting: APRIL 4 , 2018 – 7:00 PM – Candidate Guest Speakers: Bridgette Johnson , Harford Council, Dist E – Wini Roche, Harford Council, Dist F – Steve Johnson, State Delegate, Dist 34A – Kirk Smith , HDG City Council, – Anne McLhinney Cochran, HDG City Council

March 6, 2018







New Harford Democratic Club Monthly Meeting

APRIL  4TH, 2018 – 7:00 PM





Pragmatic Prognosis (Political Crystal Ball) Election Forecast – Democratic Primary House of Delegates Dist 34A (South Harford) – Race Is A Virtual Four Way Tie, It Depends On What Voters Show Up –

June 21, 2014



Strongest Balanced Democratic Ticket For South Haford District 34 – Art Helton For Senate – Steve Johnson And Maria Terry For House of Delegates 34A – Beverly Cassandra House of Del Dist 34B – Club For Progress Predicts Senate Seat A Tossup Unless Democrats Have Strong Turnout – House of Delegate 34A Lean D+1, If Democrats Have A Strong Ticket – House of Del 34B: Strongly Conservative, Repub Hold

May 23, 2014


South Harford (Dist 34) Democratic Ticket For Maryland State Legislature In 2014 – Art Helton – Tammy Lowry – Steve Johnson

December 28, 2012


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