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WBAL/Radio – Harford’s Wacko Tea Party/ Gun Nut Sheriff Jeff Gahler Goes Nuts On Baltimore Ravens Protest Of Trump “SOB” Speech! Gahler To Boycott Ravens! Opposes Free Speech And Protest While Wearing Uniform??????? Say What?

September 26, 2017

Bill Maher – Monologue/ Telepromter Trump Or Bat Shit Crazy Trump! – New Rules – 08/25/17 – Get It In Writing!

August 26, 2017

WARNING: Aberdeen Tea Party Mayor And Wal-Mart Manager To Solicit Door To Door For Opposition To Democratic Charter Reform ! – McGrady Prefers Crony Corruption To Democratic Procedure!

May 30, 2017








RepubAegis Bel Air Congressman Andy “Winky” Harris Wont Hold Town Meetings – He Is Afraid of “Outside Agitators”

February 23, 2017

Tea Party/Freedom Caucus/C4L New Political Flag

November 8, 2016


Alt-Right Aberdeen (Md) Mayor McGrady Lowers The Boom On The Aberdeen Room – McGrady And His City Manager Try To Bully The Aberdeen Historical Room To Shut Down And Spreads Rumors They Want To Sell The Property – Mayor Acts Like Thuggish Authoritarian Without City Council Knowledge Or Support

September 9, 2016



NYMag/MotherJones – Fox And Prey: How The Fox News Women Took Down Roger Ailes

September 3, 2016


Shoveling The B.S. Pt. 2: Lapdog Press White Washes Aberdeen Mayor’s Political Roots – Dodgy Republican Aegis Deletes Any Mention of “Shady” McGrady’s Nefarious Tea Party/Gun Rally Political Shenanigans

August 5, 2016


Aegis, Aug 3,2016:  McGrady  “has led local chapters of the limited government advocating Campaign For Liberty…”






NYTabloid Journalism – FBI Grills Hill – Waterguns Not Allowed At GOP Convention, Assault Rifles OK –

July 3, 2016

McGrady Dictates City Health Insurance ChangeTo Non-Accredited, Substandard Evergreen Insurance

June 5, 2016


BillMaher/Real Time -NewRules -05132016 -Dont Blame Liberals For Trump

May 14, 2016

WashPo – “Percieved” Threats To Racial Status Promote Tea Party Support Among White Americans

May 13, 2016


Perceived threats to racial status drive white Americans’ Tea Party support, Stanford scholar says


Public Hearing May 9th, 2018 – Mayor McGrady Wants To Double The Price Of Most Garbage Stickers

May 2, 2016

AegisPhoto – Mayor Of Aberdeen Was Once Pals With White Nationalist John Stortstrom, Vice-President of Route 40 Republican Club

April 15, 2016


Patrick McGrady, Tea Party Republican and current Mayor of Aberdeen ,( Maryland) examines assault rifle in front of Bel Air Courthouse (Gun Rally) . The assault rifle was part of a raffle to raise money for the racially-insensative Route 40 Republican Club. Standing beside Mr. McGrady is the ex-vice-president of the Route 40 Republican Club , John Stortstrom who was revealed to be a “white nationalist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.. The Route 40 Republican Club was also notorious for inviting Matthew Heimbach to speak before the club. Heimbach is a white nationalist and neo-nazi and currently a supporter of Donald Trump. He became infamous recently when he manhandled  a black female protestor at a  Trump rally. (





Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Wants To Steal Your Vote! Act Now! Tell Him To Nominate Stephen Smith! Tell Him To Act Fairly And Democraticly!

February 5, 2016


Three months and still no decision to fill the fourth seat on the Aberdeen City Council. This is a political scandal.  Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady has obstructed any proper and fair democratic resolution to the tie-vote problem with his own partisan agenda.

Is Patrick McGrady the Mayor of all the Aberdeen voters? Or is he just the Mayor of Aberdeen’s Tea Party Republican voters? Mayor McGrady should stop undermining the democratic process.

The Mayor properly nominated the Tea Party candidate and crony,  Sean DeBonis because he was part of the tie-vote for the fourth council seat. The City Council rejected DeBonis . Instead of nominating the other tie-vote candidate, Stephen Smith, the Mayor chose to nominate another Tea Party crony , Jason Kolligs. Kolligs came in eighth place in the election, not fourth. This is political corruption. It is an attempt to steal the vote from the Aberdeen voters.

The Mayor should nominate the other tie-vote candidate, Stephen Smith, and let the City Council do its democratic duty and resolve the tie-vote.


Mayor/Council Telephone – 410-271-1600



Why Didnt The Mayor of Aberdeen Nominate The Democrat Stephen Smith For the Fourth Council Seat? Why Is the TeaParty Republican Mayor Discriminating Against Democratic Voters?

January 28, 2016

Is Mayor McGrady opposed to a fair democratic process? Does the Mayor have no respect for the will of ALL the voters. The Mayor nominated his crony Tea Party Republican, Sean DeBonis,  for the Fourth Council Seat. DeBonis recieved 655 votes in the election. When DeBonis was rejected by the City Council, Mayor McGrady did not nominate the Democrat ,Stephen Smith, who also got 655 votes. Why is that??? Does the Democratic voter count?  The Mayors  second nominee was instead another crony TeaParty Republican, Jason Kolligs, who did not tie for the fourth council seat, but came in eighth place with 519 votes.  This is political corruption of the democratic process. This is autocratatic behavior not democratic behavior. And liberty is freedom from arbitrary and autocratic control!

Patrick Henry once said : “Give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick McGrady says: “Give me liberty, or give me Kolligs! Whatever

April Update :   The Tea Party authoritarian Mayor’s  cry now is ,”Give me liberty , or give me Goodins!”


GahlerWatch/DodgyDagger – Is Harford County Sherriff Lobbying For An Appointment To Head The State Police?

January 2, 2016



RepublicanAegis – Tea Party Republican Mayor of Aberdeen Refuses Democratic Solution To Tie Election, Mayor Will Attempt To Nominate His Political Crony Sean DeBonis On Dec 21, City Manager Refuses To Answer Councilman Lindecamp Inquiry About Atty Generals Opinion

December 9, 2015


The Aberdeen City Council will have to decide on December  21st whether they want a democratic or autocratic  form of government making decisions for the next four years.The new Tea Party Republican mayor, Patrick McGrady, has chosen autocracy. Mayor McGrady  refuses the common sense and democratic solution to the tie vote problem and is determined to nominate his political crony for a four year unelected term. Its up to the Council to assert there democratic powers and reject the Mayors undemocratic solution. In the mean time someone from the City Council or the Aberdeen Election Board should request an opinion from the Attorney Generals office. City Manager Doug Miller continues to indicate he doesn’t want to do his job or answer embarrassing questions . The Aberdeen Election Board requested the Mayor allow them to contact an independent legal opinion on the matter. The Mayor ignored the request.

Straight Outta Aberdeen – Election In Aberdeen Is Experencing A Big Turnout Early. This Turnout Should Be Bigger Than 2007 Election That Threw Fred “TaxTax Annex” Simmons Outta Office. That Was A 30% Turnout With 2412 Voters

November 3, 2015



The last election (2011) was a 18.6%  very low turnout with 1502 voters. That election was apparently boring because only one position on the ballot was competitive—the mayor. The four council seats  had no competition.

This year its a free-for-all  all over the place. Four candidates for Mayor. Nine for council.

The more the candidates ,the more the voter interest. And  voters for the very first time in Aberdeen history have three  significant  black candidates  they can vote for or not. That is spiking more interest than usual. And the weather is excellent. This a perfect political storm that will increase the Democratic and Independent voter turnout , which should be bad news for Republicans in general.  And the wing-nut Tea Party Republicans are probably in for a rude awakening. They’ll be lucky to get one spot on the council. Forget about mayor.

As Donald Trump might say…the voter turnout is H-U-G-H!!!

Jason Kolligs, Tea Party Republican, Says He Is Running For Aberdeen City Council As A Disabled Veteran So He Can Propose Legislation For Property Tax Credits For Veterans And Especially For For Disabled Veterans

November 2, 2015


I believe that our taxes can and should be lower. The property taxes paid in Aberdeen do not reflect the level of services provided for our residents” Jason Kolligs – The Aegis, 10/23/15 – Byrna Zumer, Nine  Candidates Run For Aberdeen Council

The Aegis reports that : “Kolligs also said the city needs better businesses and could work to retain veterans by offering property tax credits, especially to disabled veterans.”


Aberdeen Tea Party Has A Date With ….A Teabg

October 30, 2015

The Nation – Why Todays GOP Crackup Is The Final Unraveling Of Nixons “Southern Strategy”

October 26, 2015

LATimes/Horsey – GOP Freedom Caucus (TeaParty) Scares Off Rep. Kevin McCarthy As Speaker of the House

October 10, 2015

la-na-tt-radicals-scare-off-mccarthy-20151008-001 la-na-tt-mccarthy-conservatism-gop-radicals-20-001

TeaParty WingNut Watch – Jason Kolligs, Aberdeen Tea Party Candidate For City Council Works For Mitre Corp— A High-Tech Military Contractor That Works On “Brave New World” Concepts Like Super Soldiers Who Never Sleep And Weaponized Cyborg Insects. Mr. Kolligs Is Also A Member Of Mensa . High IQ Government Geek Working For KnowNothing Anti-Government Tea Party????

October 3, 2015



TeaParty WingNut Watch – Sean DeBonis Aberdeen Tea Party Candidate For City Council Works For J&K Associates, The Largest Harford County Gun Dealer – Here Are The Specials of The Week At J&K – Mr DeBonis’s Favorite Activities Are Hunting And Gun Rallys!

October 1, 2015





McGrady Demands Wasting Aberdeen Taxpayer Money: If Patrick McGrady Becomes Aberdeen Mayor He Promises That Within A Month He Will Demand That All Recorded City Meetings Be Put On Youtube!!!

September 27, 2015


Patrick “Shady” McGrady is a libertarian Tea Party Republican. He’s supposedly against government waste of tax payer money. But now he is demanding Aberdeen City government waste taxpayers money “youtubing” every Harford Cable Network recording of town meetings. When is McGrady against government waste? Just Tuesdays and Thursdays?  I think McGrady is just lazy and wants a government handout. The Harford Cable Network’s videos of Aberdeen town meetings are easily available for everyone at Whats the problem? Does this slow down your research? The government is not in the business of subsidizing trust-fund babies!

Tea Party Republican Candidate for Mayor of Aberdeen , Patrick McGrady, Is Violating Campaign Laws Concerning His Treasurers Authority Line On All Campaign Material Including Electronic Material On His Computer Website. Follow The Rules .

September 25, 2015


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Libertarian Republican Patrick McGrady Attempts To Take Over Aberdeen City Government With A Four-Man Slate of Tea Party Candidates He Calls the “Fix Aberdeen Team”

September 25, 2015



Will TeaParty Republican Patrick McGrady Have Annual Gun Rally’s In Aberdeen If He Becomes Mayor?

September 23, 2015


Patrick McGrady, Tea Party Republican candidate for Aberdeen Mayor examines assault rifle in front of Bel Air Courthouse. The assault rifle was part of a raffle to raise money for the Route 40 Republican Club. Standing beside Mr. McGrady is the ex-vice-president of the Route 40  Republican Club, John Stortstrom who was revealed to be a white  nationalist racist by the Southern Poverty Law Center

CSMonitor -Untrained Gun Users Are Ineffective At Self Defense…But Harford County ‘Tea Party’ Sheriff Opposes Live Fire Training Requirement

July 29, 2015



DodgyDagger – Harford County Sheriff Jeff “More Guns, Not Less” Gahler To Explain to Harford Tea Party (H4CL) Why He Doesnt Like Helicopters, Immigrants, Gun Safety, And School Bus Safety

July 28, 2015



GahlerWatch – Harford County Tea Party Republican Sheriff Continues To Lose Focus – Jeff “More Guns, Not Less” Gahler Delays Safety Cameras On School Buses Because Law Passed When Democrat Banes Was Sheriff, But Forgets It Was Passed By Republican County Council, And Supported By THe School Board, PTA, And Bus Contractors

July 28, 2015








Chis Rock Takes on Blacks In Basesball – Has Baseball Turned Into A Right Wing Old White Man Tea Party Game? Is Baseball Dying Like the Republican Party? Un-Hip! Un-Cool! Un-Black!

May 14, 2015

HoganWatck/FrederickDemocrats – Hogan Exposed As Doctranaire Tea Party Extremist In Budget Dispute

April 13, 2015




HoganWatch – Budget Rally Monday April 13, 2015 – Stop Hogans Tea Party Priorities!!! Stop Irresponsible Tax Cuts, Wreckless Charter School Deregulation, Shortchanging Education, Cutting Resources For Vulnerable Citizens And Attacking State Employees – Democrats And Republicans Voted 175 to 10 For The Fair Bi-Partisan Budget

April 11, 2015

look_6images-e13204552809291 1150941_10152697065426423_1050910655448815083_n


CecilTimes – Doofus Cecil County Republican Del. Kevin Hornberger Leads Two Doofus Harford Repub Delegates (Terresa Reilly & Andy Cassilly) Into Sponsoring Incompetent Cecil College Legislation

March 14, 2015




SeventhState – Defeated Md Tea Party Repub Del. Mike Smigiel Leaves Office With A Racist Rant

December 24, 2014


DodgyDagger – Harford County Tea Party (CFL) Invites Extremist Tea Party County Commissioner From Carroll County, Richard Rothschild

November 24, 2014




Real Time/Bill Maher – Monologue- Nov 7th,2014 – Republicans Will Vote For Anyone With An “R” In Front Of There Name – They Voted For Michael Grimm From Staten Island Whose Going To Jail After Being Indicted On 20 Counts Of Fraud – They Re-Elected Gov. Sam Brownback Who Single-Handily Ruined The Economy of Kansas –

November 9, 2014

Key And Peele – The Tea Party Candidate

October 9, 2014

Bill Maher New Rules – Rt Wing Radio – The Tea Party Always Has Room For One More Voice In Their Head

June 19, 2014

DodgyDagger/Harford Tea Party (C4L) – Tea Party Libertarian Republican Dan Lambros Is Only Republican Candidate In County Council Dist E Primary Race To Take The Tea Party Litmus Test – Surprise! Surprise! He Is A Reactionaty Conservative Anti-Government Tea Party Libertarian- DL Is Even Against the “Hotel Tax”-Thats Anti-Aberdeen!

June 13, 2014


DodgyDagger – County Council District E Repub Primary – Tea Party Libertarian Dan Lambros Running For Office To ” Take Our Freedoms Back …” “Limited Government” , “Protect Private Property Rights”, “Respect For The Second Amenment” and “Local Control of Our Schools

June 11, 2014



Harford House of Cards – Republican Candidate For Governor David Craig Proposes Reducing Taxes For Rich In Maryland – “The Road To Power Is Paved With Hypocrisy And Casualties”

February 21, 2014


RackJite – Jon Stewart – The Tea Party Is Just Another Name For The Republican Base And The Bottom Line Of The Base Is That God Is AWhite Man Who Speaks English, Only

February 13, 2014


Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2013 – #1-C – Republican County Exec David Craig As Candidate For Governor Wants To Repeal The Chesapeake Bay Stormwater Remediation Fee To Get Nominated By the Crazy Tea Party Know-Nothings In The Maryland Republican Party

January 12, 2014


DodgyJournalism: Aegis Reporting on Craigs Stormwater Runoff Fee Repeal Hearing A Joke…Headline Uses RepublicanSpeak And Reporter Writes One Sentence On Highly Critical Citizen Testimony, Hearing Testimony Available At HCN Peg Central

November 9, 2013


Did the Republican Aegis reporter fall asleep during the two hour citizen comment part of the County Council meeting? Or was she severely edited by an irresponsible editor?(i.e. Allan Vought)  Truely The Aegis is  a “watchdog” with no bark or bite. The basic purpose of a free press is to be a guardian to supply citizens with information they need to prevent abuse of power. The  Aegis provides “propagandist journalism” because they are loyal “lapdogs” of ruling Republican powers and elites.

MarylandReporter/BarryRascovar – Doug Gansler And David Craig Stumble In Governors Race – Has Craigs Pandering To Tea Party Repubs Destroyed His Credibility And Electability?

October 21, 2013


NYTimes/Charles Blow- The Republican Collapse

October 20, 2013


NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Fools Erand – House Republicans Hold Their Breath Until The Country Turns Blue, Obama Wins Big

October 20, 2013

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