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Aegis Spikes Story That Harford Republican Delegate Teressa Reilly Was Wash Post Source for Lisanti Racial Slur

March 23, 2019


According to reporter Ryan Miner at  A Miner Detail,  Harford Republican House of Delegates Terressa Reilly  was the source of the news tip that stoked the media frenzy to censure Harford Del Mary Ann Lisanti for  saying an alleged racial slur in an Annapolis Cigar Bar.  The Legsilature was taking care of the situation internally when Del. Reilly decided to force the issue into the public realm on her own. Del. Reilly could not be reached for comment on the reason she decided to go around internal procedure.

Most likely Del.  Reilly, a regressive Republican, would be glad to get  rid of Lisanti, a progressive Democrat. Just leak the story to the Washington Post and let a media frenzy ignite racial indignation and anger that might force Lisanti to  resign.


CecilTimes – Doofus Cecil County Republican Del. Kevin Hornberger Leads Two Doofus Harford Repub Delegates (Terresa Reilly & Andy Cassilly) Into Sponsoring Incompetent Cecil College Legislation

March 14, 2015




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