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Most Bel Air Repub State Politicians Are Anti-Environment Corprate Weasels – 2017 North Harford Maryland State Legislative Scorecard – Republican Sen. Wayne Norman – Failed 25% – Republican Del. Andrew Cassilly – Passed 75% – Republican Del Teresa Reilly – Failed 33% – Republican Del. Susan McComas – Failed 33%

September 23, 2017



Harford Chamber of Commerce Is A Propaganda Machine of the Right-Wing Harford County Republicans

March 25, 2017

   The Harford Chamber of Commerce is nothing but a Right Wing Republican political lobby. Take everything they say with a grain of salt.  They are not interested in the best welfare and health of the average worker. They represent the avarice greed of bad employers. That’s why they oppose sick leave reform for small business interests  (HB1/SB 230).

Even the grand old Wal-Mart gets away with a measure of this  indecent behavior everyday. At Wal-Mart you earn sick leave after a year of employment. But…Wal-Mart pays no one sick leave on the first day they are sick.. After a year you have to burn personal/vacation time for the  first day of sickness.

The richest welfare corporation in America exploits all their workers out of sick leave on the first day they are sick. Thats sick and sad inhumane greed.

Thats the fight the Harford County  Chamber of Commerce is fighting. Exploit workers out of basic sick leave benefits.

I say throw every Harford politician in Annapolis out of office that votes against  HB 1 or SB 230.

The vote in the House of Delegates was 85-51 in favor.

88 Democrats Yea  – 3 Democrats Nay

48 Republicans Nay – 2 Republicans Absent

Harfords Republicans Glen Glass, Susan  McComas, Andy Cassilly and Terresa Reilly voted Nay (See photos above)

Harfords only Democrat Mary Lisanti  voted Yea.

CecilTimes/2014Campaign – Sen. Nancy Jacobs Endorses Wayne “Im a Hunter…I Like Guns” Norman For Redrawn Dist 35 Senate Seat, Normans Legislative Assistant Terresa “I’m A Republican” Reilly Files For 35B Harford/Cecil House Seat

September 9, 2013


District 35 Senate /Voting Age Population : Cecil County 48,949 – Harford County 46,684

District 35BHouse of Delegates/Voting Age Population: Cecil County 16929 – Harford County 46,684

Photo from Cecil Whig

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