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New Yorker – Press Secretary Huclabee Makes Reporters Go Through Degarding “Thankful”Ritual Before They Ask Question

November 22, 2017


Village Voice – Tips For A Trumped-Up Thanksgiving : How To Talk To Your Racist Sexist Relatives In The Era of A Pussygraber-in-Chief

November 25, 2016

RackJite/PBS/ThePilgrims – Beheading Of Indian Saves Plymouth Pilgrims – America Was Founded On Beheadings—American Exceptionalism?

November 26, 2015



Family Values: Wal-Mart Abolishs Thanksgiving…Target Joins The Hunt

November 18, 2012

       Three years ago a  Wal-Mart worker in New York was accidently killed by a crazed mob of customers on  Black Friday.  Rather than get rid of Black Friday, Walmart decided to abolish Thanksgiving. They have now moved their Black  Friday opening sales to start on Thursday at 8pm. (last year it was 10pm)  Thanksgiving will hence forth be Black Thursday. Boycott Black Friday!  Take back Thanksgiving!

Alice’s Restaurant – Arlo Guthrie

November 28, 2010

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