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republican Aegis – APG Commanding Officer Major General Randy Taylor, Americas First Openly Gay Male General, Says Farewell To His Command At APG Maryland

May 24, 2019





Republican Aegis , Sen Joe Tydings, Dead At 90

October 10, 2018

Republican Aegis – Editorial Endorsements: Aegis Tells Everyone Who They Want To Win County Elections

June 21, 2018

Boycott the Republican Aegis Every Wednesday! Stop Corrupt Journalism!

June 28, 2017


Boycott The Republican Aegis Every Wednesday!!! Stop Biased Unfair Political Reporting!!! Stop Bad Corrupt Journalism!!!

June 28, 2017




The Republican Aegis has refused to report the fact that Harford Democrat Allison Galbraith is a candidate for Marylands First Congressional District

The opening day of the campaign began in downtown Bel Air at Sean Bolans Irish Pub. The event in Bel Air was mysteriously not covered by the local Sunpaper owned newspaper, the (Republican) Aegis

The event was fully reported on instead in  the Elkton Whig in  nearby Cecil County.

The opening day events proceeded to Chestertown, Md and was reported on in the local Chesapeake Spy.  And the campaign event ended that day in Salisbury where the  Salisbury Times DelMarVa New covered the political story.

The lack of any reporting on Allison Galbraiths campaign in Harford County by the Republican Aegis suggests that the hometown newspaper is purposely  ignoring the political story because it is either journalisticlly corrupt or politically corrupt. It appears the Republican Aegis is deliberately refusing to be fair and balanced in its political reporting

The Republican Aegis’s dodgy journalism by corrupting the fair reporting of political information is also corrupting the political process.

The public is encouraged to boycott the Republican Aegis on Wednesdays to protest the undemocratic and unethical behavior of the publishers of the Republican Aegis.






Black Teens Assaulted By Park Police for Selling Water

June 27, 2017

Btx3's Blog

At the National Mall in Washington, DC, the law says you need a permit to sell anything. It isn’t that unusual that during the hot summer tourist season some kids will come up with the idea of rolling out a cooler full of iced water bottles and selling them to the visitors. Usually, if caught – that winds up in a simple talking to by the Park Police telling them to pack up and go, informing them that they need a permit and where to get one. No big deal. Indeed, unless the kids are serial abusers of the statute – not even so much as a ticket.

Except when the kids involved are a group of black teens, and the “cops” in question are out of control.

The National Mall is for everyone. Even a few entrepreneurial teens who run afoul of the Park Service taxation scheme to collect…

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Stop Bad Journalism – Boycott the Republican Aegis Until The Republican Aegis Finally Reports And Admits That Democrat Allison Galbraith From Harford County Is Running For Congress In The First District! Corrupt Journalism Corrupts The Truth Which Corrupts the Political Process! Boycott the Aegis ! (BA)

June 21, 2017







June 9, 2017




Unpopular Aberdeen Mayor Exploits Post Office Rally To Save His Political Job

May 5, 2017

The Aegis Friday,May5,2017 Aberdeen Mayor To Lead Post Office Rally Saturday


Is this any way to run a town government? When the Mayor cant get his way instantly as Mayor—— lets hold a citizen rally. Wait a minute? Your the Mayor and you hold public meeting once ever two weeks to deal with problems or solutions. Why don’t you invite representatives from the post office to your little town meeting to explain and argue over the matter. Maybe this will clarify the issue.Maybe you can demand  a new post office if its too  dangerous to put a new ramp in a small old building.

McGrady’s purpose for having a rally is to demonstrate to Postal officials  that  “…people in Aberdeen really need this,they really care about this, so we can fix it.” The Mayor  says he is hoping for a good turnout and believes 30 or 40 citizens showing up would be a success in his book. ( His face book counter says 6 are Going and 31 are interested.)  You can get more people to show up at an organized meeting to demonstrate  a thoughtful concern. But a rally Saturday morning in downtown ? Really? Is this why we hired you as Mayor? To hold street rallys? Are the city chambers with recording camera  not a good enough concept for democracy?

I dont think this rally is just about fixing the handicap access. I think an unpopular politician is trying to exploit a significant problem to gin up his favorability on Facebook.  Just sayin.


This is a video of  the last Saturday rally Patrick McGrady organized in Aberdeen—A Gun Rally that started on McDonald’s  Beards Hill Rd. parking lot. Management threw the gun nuts off their property when it disrupted Saturday morning business. The gang crossed the street and retreated to the APG Credit Union lawn.  The rallying cry that time was “Guns Save Lives!”

Here is another option. “Shady” McGrady as Mayor can get  the City Council   to buy the Merritt Building by Target off Middleton Road and sell or rent it to the Post Office to retrofit a new Post Office. It already has plenty of handicapped/van   parking on both sides of the building. No dangerous ramps in the winter at Merritt. You enter the first floor at ground level.  (This idea was on the Dagger blog site by a person called Mr. LOL – The photos are mine)


011.JPGI like the last McGrady quote in the Aegis article. “We want the US Postal Service to be GOOD NEIGHBORS to the citizens of Aberdeen and this is something they need to do to be good citizens.”

Wow! A couple of weeks ago Mayor McGrady’s idea of “good Neighbor” and “good citizen” was to create a city ordanance to fine the homeless $50 per day for living in a tent.

Did Aberdeen Police Last December Cut Up The Tents Of The Homeless in Tent City? And Did the Local Media Cover The Crime Up? “Being Homeless Is Not A Crime !” But Cops Destroying Homeless Tents Is A Crime!

November 27, 2016

Reliable social services sources say that  members of the Aberdeen Police Dept acted like lawless marauders last winter destroying the personal property of the homeless in Aberdeen’s Tent City. The sources say that Aberdeen police  cut the homeless tents up and destroyed them to scare them off. Scare them off as in creating terror. If this is true ,were the police involved  rogue cops or were they carrying out the orders of police or political leaders? If this is true, were the involved cops investigated and properly reprimanded or fired?

Being homeless is not a  crime . But destroying the personal property of the homeless is a crime .

The same criminal act occurred in St. Petersburg, Fla in 2012 (see Youtube clip) It was done with authority of police leaders.

The local press did not report this crime in Aberdeen because the only crime they report comes from the police handout. It appears the press knew about the crime but did not investigate it. It appears they cooperated in a cover up of police misbehavior.

In Florida the excuse for destroying homeless tents was that  they were a “fire and safety  hazard”. If they were a “hazard” that does not excuse police destroying personal property of the homeless. That’s not police procedure. Its a criminal misbehavior. If the homeless are “trespassing” the proper procedure is to notify with a citation and request they leave. Police do not have a right to evict someone by destroying there property. If the police do destroy homeless tents, it is  a form of domestic terrorism. The police are suppose to serve and protect.

“Being homeless is not a crime”. But destroying homeless tents is a crime.

Election Day 2016/Republican Aegis: – Hold Your Nose And Vote For the Witch …err….the Woman Or The Orange Hitler!

November 8, 2016

The Republican Aegis can not in good conscience  endorse either  Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for President. The journalistic apocalypse is here. (If they endorse Hillary there will be mass subscription cancellations.from North  Harford. If they endorse Trump there will also be numerous cancellations in South Harford)  The Aegis CANT support Trump because he is “unfit to be President” only because of “PussyGate”. Being a racist bigot and know-nothing ignoramus is not a problem. On the  other hand the Aegis WONT support Hillary because of too many boring E-Mails  and because of numerous paranoid conspiracy theories surrounding  Benghazi.The Aegis thus leaves the matter of who to vote for , up to each individual delicate voter.Your on your own voters.  There will be no cliche drenched wisdom to guide you. Can you handle it? You have to vote, or you cant complain. That’s what the first amendment says. Isn’t it? So the Aegis suggests like the crazy tabloid NY Post suggests: Hold your nose and VOTE, goddamit! And please subscribe to the Aegis!




Is Harford County Really Republican This Year? The Republican Aegis Thinks So, As It Timidly Refuses To Endorse! But What Are Insulted And Embarrassed White Republican Women Thinking With A Qualified,Experienced and Talented Democratic Woman On The Ballot ?

October 27, 2016

Democratic Central Committee: Harford Democrats Urge Support for Clinton in Presidential Election


Republican Aegis Punts On Clinton/Trump Presidential Endorsement!! Chooses Not To Endorse Trump Because His Attitude Towards Women Makes Him Unfit. Refuses To Endorse Clinton Because She Is A Female Politician (Nasty Woman) And A Democrat! (“Harford County Is Republican”)

October 27, 2016


“If you don’t vote, you cant complain!” (old b.s. adage)

“Two bad choices!” (Undecided)




Shoveling The B.S. Pt. 2: Lapdog Press White Washes Aberdeen Mayor’s Political Roots – Dodgy Republican Aegis Deletes Any Mention of “Shady” McGrady’s Nefarious Tea Party/Gun Rally Political Shenanigans

August 5, 2016


Aegis, Aug 3,2016:  McGrady  “has led local chapters of the limited government advocating Campaign For Liberty…”






RepublicanAeigis – The Official Results Of the Aberdeen City Election Show Incumbent Councilman Stephen Smith And Challenger Sean DeBonis Are Tied With 655 Votes Apiece – Aberdeen City Attorney Must Determine How To Decide Winner –

November 5, 2015

012 ph-ag-0394-aberdeen-election-results-jpg-20151105stunned

The drama is not over yet in Aberdeens city elections. The  defeat of three-term incumbent Mayor Michael Bennett to the   snarky inexperieced  29 year old Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady was not expected . Now, surprise number two,  the fourth seat in the city council  election is declared an electoral tie. Incumbent  Stephen Smith and Tea-Party challenger Sean DeBonis  both recieved 655 votes. County election officials said Aberdeens city attorney must determine how to decide the winner. They could flip a coin, cut a deck of cards, draw straws or hold a runoff election.

Also, The Republican Aegis (The Record/AegisOnline)  printed a photo of the defeated Mayor Bennett after the election and labels it  a “stunned “look. It really just looks like he took off his glasses and is thinking. He doesnt look stunned,he looks TIRED.


RepublicanAegis – McGrady Wins Aberdeen Mayors Race – Sarah Landbeck Re-Elected To The Council Observed That “Its A Hollow Victory” – Melvin Taylor Who Got The Most Council Votes Said: “The System Works”

November 4, 2015



Change Is Gonna Come But Not Neccessarily To The Aegis/Vought Right-Wing Assumptions And Bias

July 14, 2014


Can Mike Hiob Make A Political Comeback By Exploiting the Aberdeen Salary Raise Issue? Or Will Salary Compensation Reform Attract Better Candidates To Defeat Special Interest Candidates Like Hiob?

June 30, 2013


Mike Hiob is a reactionary Democrat who joined council Republicans   (Fred Simmons, David Yensen and Ron Kupferman) in 2006 to support the Aberdeen annexation of the Wetlands Golf Course. The annexation proposal was opposed by a large massive Aberdeen citizen revolt  (Aberdeen Communities Together) even before it was voted for by the Council. The citizen outrage resulted in a referendum that defeated annexation by almost a two to one vote. Hiob said he still supported annexation after the referndum vote. He is a captive political stooge for the special interests that wanted to overdevelope the town of Aberdeen for fast-and-furious profit despite massive public opposition. Now he wants to make a political comeback as a false populist opposed  to mayor and council salary compensation reform. The reactionary Republican Aegis has also opposed the proposed salary reform with irrational and irresponsible fallacies rather than reasoned argument and facts.

Aegis/Sun/HCNPegCentral – Aberdeen Council Disputes Aegis/Record Misinformation About Proposed Council Pay Increase, Votes To Have Committee Study Matter Over The Summer

June 13, 2013


Aegis – Even Aegis ConservativeRepub “Political Expert” Allan Vought Can’t Understand the County Council Non-Vote On The WalMart Bill …But Allan, More Than “Several” Testified In Favor Of The Original Bill Before Lisanti-Slutzky Eviserated It

April 28, 2013


Aegis: Bel Airs Steve Nelson Remembered As Soulful, Nonconformist Person ( Online Headline Slightly “Differant” Than Print Version. But Mr. Holden Writes Excellent Essay On The Death of Harford “Cultural Icon”)

September 28, 2012,0,3990612.story

Aegis Headline Tomorrow (8:17:12) – Harford Sheriffs Deputy Kills Pit Bull After Dog Bites Child/ – Aegis Editorial: Leash Your Pit Bull

August 17, 2012

HDG Patch – Republican Aegis/Record Endorses West-End Challengers Over East-End Incumbents In Havre De Grace City Council Elections – Throw The Bums Out And A Cry For “New Blood” – Bulle Rock Pays Full Taxes Without Full Services

May 7, 2012

The Tea Party/Republican Aegis’s “Scary” Political Humor – From Exploiting Racial Fears (Halloween 2009) To Demonizing Democats With Irrational Suspicions (April 20, 2012)

April 22, 2012

Progressive/Matthew Rothschild – Interview With Paul Street/ Crashing the Tea Party – The Tea Party Is Nothing But Super Republicans- Loud Obnoxious Republicans Dedicated To The Election of Right-Wing Republicans Otherwise Known As The Republican Base (i.e.Patrick McGrady,))

April 11, 2012

Media Bias? – AberdeenPatch Describes Aberdeen Council Response To McGrady Criticism As “Responds” And “Refuted Remarks” – TeaParty /Aegis Describes Aberdeen Council Response As A “Slam” (Harsh Criticism?) And “Blasting” ( Criticize/Attack Vigorously?)

April 6, 2012

Aegis – Quakers Ran The Underground Rail Road Through Darlington – The Large Number Of Freed Slaves In the (Harford) Area Was One Reason The Underground Railroad Existed In The County

March 11, 2012

Aegis/Sun – Aberdeen Councilwoman, Sandra Landbeck, Criticizes Campaign Tactics of Losing Candidate In Mayors Election, Loser* Patrick McGrady Still Suffering From Political “Shell Shock” Stated :’While We Did Not Win, It Was Successful’

November 30, 2011

*Loser-One who is incompetent or unable to succeed. Websters

Jim Crow Journalism – Why Does the Republican Aegis Give A Full Page, Four-Photo, 17 Paragraph Story To A Ceremony Honoring The Grave Of An Obscure Confederate Soldier? Is The Aegis Pandering To The Racists In The Harford Tea Party (aka The Neo-Confedrates)? Or Is The Aegis Still A Pro-Confederate, Pro-Slavery Newspaper?

August 12, 2011


AberdeenPatch Scoops The Republican Aegis Again – Isaiah White Walks A Day In Aberdeen Mayors Shoes

August 11, 2011


Aegis/Sun – Here We Go Again! Aegis Journalist Allan Vought Uses “Distasteful Language” (i.e. Racist Xenophobic Stereotyping) in Etc Column

May 26, 2011

 Distasteful Language,Reader Taken Aback By Wording In Recent Etc . Column.The Aegis, Open Forum. Letters to the Editor, May, 2011

“I am writing in regard to Allan Vought’s recent Etc. coulumn , ‘Middle Eastern Despots Are Hard To Let Go Of’…Characterizing the attacks on 9/11 as  ‘Muslim’ is disturbing. These  heartless attacks were the work of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. It is inflamatory to paint them as ‘Muslim’ attacks…That kind of characterization casts a slur on the majority of Muslims who are not a part of the jihadist movement…In addition ,the pejorative ‘Muslim tar baby’ with all of its racist connotaions was very offensive… Finally , this sentence ‘…you either play by our rules,or go back to riding camels instead of Mercedes-Benzes and living in tents instead of luxury high rise buildings’, with its stereotyping of Arabs and the nomadic lifestyle, was pure xenophobia.” Janis Jordan, Bel Air

Aegis/Record Endorses Barbara Wagner For HDG City Council…But Unfortunately They Also Endorse The Staus Quo “Old Guard”

April 27, 2011


Aegis/Sun – Harford Divided On Civil War , Aegis Began As Southern Aegis, A Pro-Slavery Newspaper – A Plaque Dedicated to the Daughters of the Confederacy Was On Display In The Bel Air Courthouse Until the Year 2000

April 13, 2011

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