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The Sun – Sunpaper Lies About Lisanti – She Said From The Begining That She Did Not Remember Saying N-Word But She Accepted What Del. Jay Walker Says He Overheard Her Say!

March 4, 2019

The Sun – Lisanti Censure

March 1, 2019

The Sun – The Status Quo Is The Most Expensive Option – Ben Jealous

October 22, 2018

BaltoSun – Governor Hogans Real Estate Earnings During Last Four Years Raises Question’ s And Eyebrows! Is Hogan Another Unethical “Trump” Making Money Off His Influence And Power As Governor?

July 16, 2018




Dan Rodricks/ Roughly Speaking : Ten Ways To Be A Better Citizen In A Demoracy!!!

July 4, 2018


The Atlantic/’The Sun – Can Ben Jealous Beat Larry Hogan?

June 29, 2018

Ben Jealous,Melania Trump

Sun – Attorney For Dawnta Harris Says Baltimore County Cop Showed “Aggression”, Body Cam Will Show That Accuses Teen Was In “Survival Mode”

May 28, 2018


The Sun – Crazy Jerry (the Dog Killer) Scaraborough Endorses Right Wing-Nut Del. Rick Impallaria Legislation To Allow Teacher To Carry Guns In School

February 5, 2018



The Sun Editorial – County Exec Barry Glassman Joins The Demagogues To Fight Muslim Funded Developement In Joppatowne! Thanks Ba-a-a-rry!

November 1, 2017


Between The Lines (1977) – The Film That Inspired The Baltimore Sun To Take Over And Kill the City Paper!

August 15, 2017

Baltimore Sun /Aegis “Blackout” (Censor) News Coverage of Allison Galbraith Congressional Campaign Kick-off In Bel Air Is An Example Of Flagrant Political Bias And Dodgy Journalism?

May 18, 2017




Allison Galbraith opened her campaign for the U.S. Congress on Friday May l2th at the Sean Bolans Irish Pub in downtown Bel Air, Md.

This unique political event was covered by the near by Cecil County newspaper The Cecil Whig but was oddly ignored by Allison’s home town newspaper the Republican  Aegis. There was also no coverage by the Aegis’s corporate owner, the Baltimore Sun.

The absence of no coverage at all  in the  Republican Aegis suggest  an editorial decision that the political event was irrelevant.

That editorial decision is  political bias and corrupt journalism. The Republican Aegis Editor Ted Hendrick and the Sun publisher  Triffon Alatzas should rexamine their journalistic credentials and their professional standards.

The political event that the Republican Aegis and the Baltimore Sun does not wish you to know about was recorded by the campaign manager and is reproduced below.


The Sun/Political Bullshit – “Know-It-All” Dan Rodericks Disses Harford’s Democratic Challenger To Congressman Andy Harris, Declares Contest Over Before It Begins, Go Back To Your Cell Phones First District Citizens Danny Boy Says History Is Not Calling, Give Up, No One Can Beat Dr. Andy , Democracy Is A Waste Of Time!

May 9, 2017


Did Aberdeen Police Last December Cut Up The Tents Of The Homeless in Tent City? And Did the Local Media Cover The Crime Up? “Being Homeless Is Not A Crime !” But Cops Destroying Homeless Tents Is A Crime!

November 27, 2016

Reliable social services sources say that  members of the Aberdeen Police Dept acted like lawless marauders last winter destroying the personal property of the homeless in Aberdeen’s Tent City. The sources say that Aberdeen police  cut the homeless tents up and destroyed them to scare them off. Scare them off as in creating terror. If this is true ,were the police involved  rogue cops or were they carrying out the orders of police or political leaders? If this is true, were the involved cops investigated and properly reprimanded or fired?

Being homeless is not a  crime . But destroying the personal property of the homeless is a crime .

The same criminal act occurred in St. Petersburg, Fla in 2012 (see Youtube clip) It was done with authority of police leaders.

The local press did not report this crime in Aberdeen because the only crime they report comes from the police handout. It appears the press knew about the crime but did not investigate it. It appears they cooperated in a cover up of police misbehavior.

In Florida the excuse for destroying homeless tents was that  they were a “fire and safety  hazard”. If they were a “hazard” that does not excuse police destroying personal property of the homeless. That’s not police procedure. Its a criminal misbehavior. If the homeless are “trespassing” the proper procedure is to notify with a citation and request they leave. Police do not have a right to evict someone by destroying there property. If the police do destroy homeless tents, it is  a form of domestic terrorism. The police are suppose to serve and protect.

“Being homeless is not a crime”. But destroying homeless tents is a crime.

Dodgy Journalism – Significant Story of Harford “Native Son” Pot Millionaire Got Buried on the Obit Page (Page A15) in the Republican Aegis

August 14, 2015



RealNews – Confusion And Leadership Vaccum Fueled Freddy Gray Unrest (Jane Miller,WBAL, Broadwater,The Sun)

August 8, 2015

SeventhState – Questionable Sun Poll Gives Brown A 7 Point Lead Over Hogan – Sun Sampling Techniques Always Underestimate Black Voter Turnout In Maryland

October 13, 2014


The Baltimore Sun  reports that Anthony Brown leads Larry Hogan by 7 points with a Sunday front page headline  ” Brown Holds Tenuous Lead”. The Sunpaper polls are notorious for underestimating the black voter turnout in Maryland thus overestimating the Republican poll numbers. The Sun underlines the purpose of its questionable poll  with a lead editorial “Hogan Has A Shot”  Really? Like maybe a shot in the dark.. The Washington Posts more accurate polling sampling indicates that Brown is leading by 9 points and points out in its endorsement editorial that   ” Mr. Brown is the more serious and substantial candidate. He has a better grasp of how to operate the levers of government and how to bolster Marylands competitiveness while tending to basic needs””


WYPR – Rodericks MidDay – WashPost Media Reporter Erik Wemple Discusses Death of The Independent City Paper Recently Bought By Establishment Baltimore Sun

March 31, 2014

MediaMatters/MDPolitics – Baltimore Sun Cuts Ties With Conservative Blog

March 12, 2014


Gawker – Baltimore Is One Step Closer To Being A Zero Newspaper Town – Sun Buys Out Its “Most Dedicated Adversary” City Paper ( Just Like In The Movie “Between The Lines”) – Independent City Paper Officially Dead – Sun On the Sales Block Itself, Tribune Trying To Dump Its “Doomed Newspaper” Holdings

February 26, 2014


C-Span – WashingtonJournal/Open Phones – The Baltimore Sun – Who’s Killing Jobs? 08/27/11

August 28, 2011


TheSun – Mary Gail Hare – Harford Democrats Ask Courts To Decide Redistricting – Let The Gerrymandering Begin

March 14, 2011


BaltoSun – Andy Harris Shocked That He Will Be Treated Like All Other Federal Employees And Have To Wait 30 Days For Govt Insurance To Kick In

November 16, 2010


TheSun- O’Malley Widens Lead Over Ehrlich in Sun Poll (52% to 38%)

October 24, 2010


The Sun – Maryland Governor Candidates Battle For Votes – Can Ehrlich Tap Into ‘Tea Party’ Anger? Can O’Malley Energize Obama Voters?

August 29, 2010


Baltimore Sun – GOP Solidifies Harford Dominance As Dems Skip Top Races – Dems Focus On Southern Corridor,Knockout Jacobs

July 12, 2010


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