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Police Chaoticly Search For Suspected “Active Shooter”! Tackle/Handcuff Michael Bennett. Release Bennett When Learn He Is Not Just Another “Thug”! (Police Jargon For Average Black Man)

September 12, 2017

Slate – Republicans Are Party of Thugs And Nazis

May 28, 2017


DailyBeast – Trumps Cabinet Team Of Terribles Are A Collection Of Reckless And Dangerous Thugs And Political Hacks

November 9, 2016



LarryWilmore Calls Carl Stokes “Straight-Up Boss of the Week”

April 30, 2015



CNN – Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes Tells Erin Burnett That “Thugs” Is Just Code Word For “Niggers”

April 30, 2015

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