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Is Aberdeen’s Autocraticly Appointed Councilman Steven Goodin A Bastard Councilman ( Illegitimate)?

February 18, 2019



Aberdeens Republican Mayor , Patrick McGrady, corrupted the resolution of he 2015 election tie vote.

Instead of resolving the tie-vote with an up and down democratic  Council vote for the two candidates that were tied, Mayor McGrady chose an autocratic power grab and appointed a political crony (Steven Goodin)  and it was approved foolishly by Councilmember’s Melvin Taylor and Sara Landbeck.

This left us with a Councilman (Goodin)  appointed who had received  zero citizen votes and left Democrat Stephen Smith and Republican Sean DeBonis who each recieved 655 votes out in the  cold.

This is not what democracy looks like. This is what autocracy looks like.

It leaves Aberdeen with an illegitimate Councilman! A “bastard” Councilman!



Republican Aegis -Aberdeen City Govt Finally Gets Ready To Make It Impossible For Mayor Patrick McGrady To Rig Another Tie-Vote Election! Amendments Provide Backup Runoff Elections To Prevent Corrupt McGrady Crony Appoinments!

December 10, 2016



Aberdeen. Md Wins The 2016 Boss Tweed Award For Being The Most Undemocratic City In Maryland?

July 24, 2016


Aberdeen,Maryland has claimed the “Most Undemocratic City In Maryland”Award  for 2016. Aberdeen earned this title after it corrupted the Council election tie-vote runoff vote. The newly elected Mayor Patrick McGrady (aka Shady McGrady) is a Tea Party Republican gun-nut who was unable to get any of his Tea Party political slate elected to the council. One Tea Party crony did tie for the fourth seat with Democratic incumbent Steve Smith. But when the Mayor held a council runoff he nominated his tea Party crony but refused to nominate the tie -vote Democrat. He said something to the effect that he didn’t like the cut of Mr. Smiths jib. ( i.e. Mayor does not like Democrats)  So, instead of a fair and democratic council runoff, Aberdeen had a crooked (. i.e. corrupt)  council runoff.  The autocratic Mayor decided to nominate another Tea Party crony. Two of the three standing council members got tired of the Mayors six month anti-democratic shenanigans and gave up fighting for the fair and democratic process. The council chose fast and easy over fair and square.  The Mayor got his crony approved by the council in a two to one vote.  The local Republican newspaper sealed and approved the choice and now Aberdeen has become the most undemocratic city in Maryland.  ….The Mayor with the council approval threw away the 655 votes for Stephen Smith  and appointed  a Republican crony who received no citizen votes.  Congratulation Aberdeen for the 2016 MUCIM  Award. …At least Aberdeen didnt get the Most Racist Town In Maryland award (MRTIM)…that went to Pocomoke!





Unfair Aberdeen Trash Tax Increases July 1st – Increases Tax On Those That Create The Least Trash!

July 5, 2016


The new Mayor  of Aberdeen , Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady,  cant seem to do anything right. For four or five months he didn’t know how to properly solve an election tie-vote on the City Council. When he finally resolved it , he ignored the 654 voters that voted for Democrat Stephen Smith and chose  instead a Tea Party Republican /Church crony who never received a single citizen vote.  His first decision as Mayor was to corrupt the democratic process with autocratic arrogance and cronyism.

Next, the new Mayor overrode the city councils unanimous support  for hiring a professional to help find a new city manager. Instead he loaded a commission with more Tea Party cronies and selected  a city manager who has had a questionable  and controversial experience as a city manager.

Third, the new Mayor rather then properly discuss with the council and public about changing city worker heath insurance  just autocratically  (with the help of another Tea Party/Church crony) decided by himself to change insurance . To hell with democratic input.

Finally, the Mayor all of a sudden wants to double the city trash tax —-but just for those who  produce the least trash….. Say what? The new tax increases the  50 cent trash sticker to $1.00, putting the total burden of the increased costs on those that create the least trash…. WTF? Those citizens who have been trash hogs keep paying the same….. Fair? Equitable? Democratic?… Hell , no! If the costs of landfilling  the trash goes up, everyone should share the burden—that’s democratic, fair and equitable. . If the new tax had  raised  the purple sticker to 60 or 65 cents and the yellow sticker to $1.35 then the burden of the tax would have been shared with all the households.

The main problem with Aberdeen City government is the City Council is failing to question and check the Mayors corruption, stupid mistakes and unfairness.  The Council should flex their political muscle and stop rubber stamping what ever the autocratic Mayor wants. The Mayor received only 600 votes or 33% of the vote.. The Council members all received more public support in the election than the Mayor. Taylor received 898 votes (49.6%). Landbeck  got 802 votes (44%). And Lindecamp got  782 votes (43%) .Does the Council speak for the public interest or are they just the Mayors  lapdogs. The City Council played dead   with the Mayors autocratic insurance decision and with the unfair trash tax increase.The Council should be alert and active watchdogs  and on the trash tax they should have been junk-yard dogs.  The Council should put a  stop to the Mayors  political b.s. shenanigans.

(P.S.  Cordova, Alaska has a charter election law that says that any elective official who wins with less than 40% should  have to have a runoff election” WITH IN THREE WEEKS”. )



Happy 4th Of July!

July 2, 2016


“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories. – Thomas Jefferson

RepublicanAegis – Special Meeting In Aberdeen Wednesday (Feb24) Fails To Resolve Election Tie Issue

March 1, 2016

Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Wants To Steal Your Vote! Tell Him To Nominate Stephen Smith! Tell Him To Act Fairly And Democraticly! McGrady Is the Mayor Not The King!

February 7, 2016

E-Mail the Mayor/Council –

The Mayor Of Aberdeen Should Nominate Stephen Smith For Council Seat Four. He Should StopThe Partisan Political Game He Is Playing With The Tie-Vote Resolution

January 25, 2016

    The Mayor of Aberdeen should stop his partisan political games and nominate Stephen Smith for the City Council seat four. The Council is suppose to be resolving the election tie-vote between Sean DeBonis and Stephen Smith. The voters chose these two candidates. Each received 655 votes.  The Mayor already nominated DeBonis and the Council rejected him.  The only other candidate the voters qualified for the tie-vote was Stephen Smith. He should thus be nominated by the Mayor and let the Council decide.. The resolution of the tie-vote is not suppose to be an opportunity for the Mayor to grab illegitimate power.

The resolution of the tie-vote is suppose to between DeBonis and Smith. They are the two  candidates that the voters qualified for the fourth seat. The Mayor’s second suggested nominee Jason Kolligs is not qualified for the fourth seat. He came in 8th place.. Not fourth. The Mayor should stop the political game playing with Aberdeen democracy. He should follow the law and the will of the voters.

Aberdeen voters count!




Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Should Nominate The Other Candidate That Tied For the Fourth Council Seat!!!! Nominate Stephen Smith! Follow The Law And The Will Of The People!

January 14, 2016


The Aberdeen City Council’s job is to break the tie-vote, not choose an alternative candidate that is more comforting to the mayor. Sean DeBonis, the Mayors crony, lost the council run-off vote. Now give Stephen Smith a chance in the council run-off vote. This is about fundamental democracy and respecting the will of the voters. This is exactly what they did in New Windsor, Md when they had  a  council tie-vote . Follow the law and the will of the people. Aberdeen voters matter!


Mayor/City Council Telephone – 410-272-1600

Mayors E-Mail

Council E-Mails –




Baltimore Sun – New Windsor Follows Law To Resolve Tie Vote –

RepublicanAegis/DaveAnderson – Aberdeen City Council Declines DeBonis Nominee, Mayor Appears To Be Out Of Touch With Political Reality

December 22, 2015


NYTimes/RichardFausset/AP/EmilyPettus – Mississippi Decides Tie Vote With Drawing Staws 17 Days After Election

November 21, 2015

CUR_xMJUkAAAHJX.jpg large

Mississippi, the most backward state in the Union, took only 17 days to resolve its Nov. 3rd election glitch. Aberdeen, Maryland’s new mayor, Tea-Party Republican Patrick McGrady decided after 15 days not to decide. Where’s the sense of urgency? Where’s the respect for a fair democratic process? McGrady’s dilly-dally behavior may be his reaccuring “deer-in-the headlight” syndrome but its more likely his lethargic asleep-at-the-wheel  attitude.

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