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BaltoSun – Harford School Boss Violates Constitutional Rights Of School Students With Threat Of Authoritarian Discipline!

March 14, 2018


Republican Aegis – According To the Aegis Harford School Boss Says: “Harford Students Cant Join Walkout!” But According To The Constitution Harford Students Have The Right To Walkout Under The First Amendment (Tinker v. Des Moines 1969)!

March 10, 2018



There is a “fake news” headline in the March 9, 2018  issue of the Republican Aegis The Aegis declares “Harford Students Cant Join Walkout”.  A reality-based  headline should have read : “School Superintendent Says ‘Harford Students Cant Join Walkout”.

School boss Barbara Canavan  doesnt want students to protest “gun safety ” on Wednesday for 17 minutes but Canavan ‘s remarks are unconstitutional.  School students right to free speech and assembly  do not end at the  school house door. So  says the Supreme Court in Tinker v. Des Moines (1969).

To make things worse the Harford County student rep on the School Board , Matt Resnick, instead of defending student rights under the Constitution  sez he supports  Canavan’s suppression of free speech “completely 100 per cent”.

Its bad enough that  the School Boss is dead wrong in illegally suppressing free speech. But the only voice in the school system  supposedly  looking out for student rights is a Republican schmuck  who has no idea that students have  rights. Resnick  is currently using his position as student rep  as a stepping stone to the local Republican Central Committee.

In  summary : County School Superintendent Barbara  Canavan and her student rep lackey are political Republican  bullshit! Harford students have the right to speak and protest the insane gun safety policy in the nation. Conservative political forces want to shut them down and shut them up.  Harford students and citizens in general should not let free speech be crushed by  irresponsible and illegal authority.

DodgyDagger / WBAL-TV11- Harford School Super Barbara Canavan Condemns School Walkout Day Protests! Says Democratic Protest For 17 Minutes Is A “Threat To Safety”! Is Canavan Abusing Her Authority By Trying To Suppress Free Speech Protest She Believes To Be Controversial ? Suppressing Free Speech Is A Threat To the Safety of Democracy!

March 9, 2018


Is School Super Barbara Canavan  abusing her authority  when she condemns and threatens those who want to protest gun violence in schools?  Does freedom of speech end at the school house door? Don’t high school students have freedom of speech and the right to exercise that right with a respectful 17 minute moment of silence?

Superintendent Canavan obviously does not understand the position of the Supreme Court on the matter of  student speech rights. In Tinkers v. Desmoines (1969) the court in  a 7-2 decision  declared students do not “shed their constitutional rights of speech and expression at the school house gate.”

Authority cannot callously  and carelessly disrespect the rights of students to free speech and protest. Canavan should step back. She has abused her authority.

Political leaders have failed to deal with gun violence in our society. The young have once again stepped up to say “enough is enough”. Doing little or nothing will not solve  the problem of gun safety in the nation. Its time for a change. Its time to protest the incompetence of political leaders and change our way of dealing with gun violence.

A student protest is not a “threat to safety” but suppressing free speech is a threat to the safety of Democracy.




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