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Kim Jung Un Responds To Prez Trumps “Rocket Man” Nick-Name

September 20, 2017


Jimmy Kimmel – Trumps Immigration Plan

August 3, 2017

Stephen Colbert – The Mooch Finds “The Leaks – Trumps “Trans Ban” Tweet

July 30, 2017

Seth Myers – Spicers Out, Scaramuccis In And Kushner Speaks

July 27, 2017

Stephen Colbert – Trump Needs Valadation Of Boy Scouts/ Senate Has No Idea Whats In New Health Care Plan

July 27, 2017

Seth Myers – Trumps Boy Scout Speech

July 27, 2017

Stephen Colbert – Donald Trump Had No Filter in NYTimes interview – Colbert Rents the “Pee Pee Room” In Moscow

July 21, 2017

Seth Myers – Trump Turns On Sessions Amid Russian Probe

July 21, 2017

Stephen Colbert – Donald Trump Jr Is His Own “Deep Throat”

July 13, 2017

Obama In Alaska

July 9, 2017


Republican Aegis – Harford Cops Slow To Use Body Cameras

July 9, 2017



Jordan Klepper/ Fingers On The Pulse – Trump Supporters On Locker Room Talk

July 7, 2017

Mayor of Aberdeen (Maryland) Reacts To 8,822 Voters Rejecting His Referendum Petition!

June 30, 2017


Bill Maher/ Real Time – Suing Trump, Online Extremism, Climate

June 24, 2017

Stephen Colbert – Is Trump Under Invetigation? Is Sean Spicer Replaceable?

June 21, 2017

Colbert Monologue – Trump On Civil War

May 2, 2017

Smoking Gun -Trump Loyalist Communicated With “Luccifer 2.0” (Russian Hacker) Target Of FBI Probe

March 9, 2017

Conan – Trump Talks To Obama About His Wiretap Claim

March 8, 2017

Alec Baldwin Writes Satirical Book On Donald J Trump

March 1, 2017

If “President Trump” Is Hard To Say Then Try “Sen Kid Rock”

February 23, 2017

Black-ish – Junior Is A Republican

January 27, 2017

Stephen Colbert Details Continue To Leak Out Trump Russia Scandal (Russian Spy Gate)

January 14, 2017

Daily Show – Trump vs. Truth: The Russian Hacking Report

January 12, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Explains How The Truth Works

January 7, 2017

TV – Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America! – Destabilizing the Truth And Weakening The Foundation of American Freedom

January 1, 2017


NyMag – Seth Myers Will Tell You The Truth One Trump Joke At A Time

December 12, 2016


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