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Media Matters- Study Finds Major Media Outlets Twitter Accounts Amplify False Trump Claims An Average of 19 Times Per Day

May 4, 2019

NY Mag – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Using Corporate Media To Get Her Message Out

January 15, 2019

NYMag – Why Is George Wallace Good At Twitter?

August 30, 2018

NYMag/NPR – Trump Supporters On Twitter Spent Fourth Getting Real Mad About Things In The Declaration ofIndependece

July 7, 2018


HollywoodReporter – Roseannr Back On Twitter Defending Herself With Alt-Right Conspiracy Racists

May 30, 2018


Mother Jones – Trump Lashed Out At Andrew Mccabe Again On Twitter – Comey Responded

March 17, 2018

Donald Trump

President Tweet-Head Attacks The Free Press And Free Speech On 4th of July Weekend!!! American Revolution Was Over Rated?

July 3, 2017


Bill Maher/Real Time -e : Oscars,Twitter Bullying & Celeb Activism

February 12, 2017

Slate – Game Theory – Trump-Russian Conspiracy

December 17, 2016


BTX3 – Twittter Errupts With Hashtag Humour Over White Armed Domestic Terrorists

January 4, 2016


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