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Intercept – Why Is Nancy Pelosi Afraid of the Word “Socialism”? Shouldnt She Should Be Afraid of the Words “Autocratic Undemocratic Rigged Primary”?

July 6, 2018



Corrupt Harford County Cop Union Political Endorsment Process Revealed! Cop Union Executive Only Invites Some Republicans and One Democrat To There Candidate Forum!

April 26, 2018



The Harford Deputy Sheriff Union released its 2018 political endorsements for County and State government this week.  The police union endorsements were supposed to be based on   members analysis of information they gathered at a open for all candidates forum that was held weeks ago. But  it appears not every candidate was invited to speak at the candidates forum.

It seems the  Deputy Sheriffs Union executive officers apparently pre-select the candidates it wants its union members to listen to and filters out any candidates it deems “politically incorrect”. And the Union President apparently only  sends  speaker invitations to mostly incumbent  Republicans and one favorite Democratic prosecutor  (Diane Tobin)

Democrat  candidate Andre Johnson running for County Council  Dist A stated on Facebook that he was not invited. Wini  Roche, Democratic candidate for County Council Dist F also said she was not invited to the candidates forum. And Republican challenger Amy Jahnigen running for County Council Dist F complained that she had not been invited.

The Unions pre-selected speaker invitations and endorsements    seems to have a political bias for any conservative Republicans and  any one with a police employment background. The  pre-selected  invitation list and endorsement included  a “dog killer” ex-cop and a  convicted drunk-driving state delegate.  The whole Deputy Union process seems to be  have  a bias against Democrats and non-white candidates.

The Deputy Sheriff  Unions  political endorsement process appears to be corrupt  and and anti-democratic . The Union treats its members to an authoritarian restricted information procedure that pretends to be open and fair to all political candidates.

The Nation – Its Time To Abolish ICE! It was an overeaction to 9/11 and its undemocratic and violates human rights!

March 28, 2018


Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Decision To Not Give Allison Galbraith Another Speaking Engagement Is A Kangaroo Court Decision! It Is Petty, Arbitrary, Undemocratic, Unfair and Un-Progressive!

January 3, 2018


The decision by the LSPC to not allow Allison Galbraith another speaking engagement is petty, arbitrary, undemocratic and unfair. The decision making process did not give any analysis to extenuating circumstances. It did not allow  a thorough investigation of all the evidence. It was a spiteful, rushed to judgement decision. It was a judgement and punishment outside regular legal procedure, It was no way an example of a progressive definition of  justice. It was  kangaroo court justice!

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