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Jim Crow Journalism Pt. 2 – Neo-Confederate Republican Aegis Once Again* Gives Aid And Comfort To Known Racist Organization United Daughters of the Confederacy

August 11, 2013


According to the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Watch, the  United Daughters of the Confederacy work with known “racist” groups in errecting Confererate monuments and staging Confederate battle flag ceremonies like the one in Havre de Grace.. The UDC maggazine publishes articles by Michael Grissom who is a member of two racist groups, the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South.  Recently the president of the UDC Mrs. Willam Wells has shared a podium with League of the South president Michael Hill and white supremacist lawyer Kirk Lyon.

*http://harfobama.wordpress.cpm/tag/neo-confederates/ 2011 Confed Flag Ceremony in Abingdon 2011 Confederate Battle Flag Ceremony in Abingdon

Wikiipedia – The United Daughters of the Confederacy Is A Neo-Conferderate Group That Has Worked With White Supremeacy Groups And Racist Groups In Errecting Confederate Monuments And Staging Confederate Battle Flag Rallies – Here Is The Conferderate Flag Rally In Abingdon, Md (Republican Aegis Photo)

August 13, 2011

SPLC/Neo-Confed   SouthernPovertyLawCtr   UDC-Answers   Wikipedia/UDC

Jim Crow Journalism – Why Does the Republican Aegis Give A Full Page, Four-Photo, 17 Paragraph Story To A Ceremony Honoring The Grave Of An Obscure Confederate Soldier? Is The Aegis Pandering To The Racists In The Harford Tea Party (aka The Neo-Confedrates)? Or Is The Aegis Still A Pro-Confederate, Pro-Slavery Newspaper?

August 12, 2011


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