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Walmart Employees Post Union Memes On Redditt To Mess With Corp HQ

July 13, 2019



NYM – Raise Wages, Bernie Tells Wal-Mart Stockholders

June 6, 2019


Common Dreams – Walmart Patents “Big Brother Style” Surveillance Technology To Eavesdrop On Workers Conversations! Fascism With A Smiley-Face!!!

July 13, 2018


WARNING: Aberdeen Tea Party Mayor And Wal-Mart Manager To Solicit Door To Door For Opposition To Democratic Charter Reform ! – McGrady Prefers Crony Corruption To Democratic Procedure!

May 30, 2017








NewYorker – Walmart Spreads “Black Friday Creep”–Kills Thanksgiving Celebration For Retail Workers!

November 25, 2015



WalmartWatch/Save More, Live Better …Just Dont Save The Cans – Walmart Fires North Carolina Employee For Redeeming $5.10 Worth Of Discarded Cans

November 21, 2015


Walmart – The High Cost of Low Prices: It Cost Taxpayers On Average $904,542 To Support The Workers of Just One Walmart Store

March 26, 2015


Can Harford Voters Politically Flip-A-County By Defeating Ethically-Challenged Republican Dick Slutzkys Attempt To Become Council President And Defeat Ethically-Challenged Republican Patrick Vincenti’s Attempt To Take Over Distict E’s Council Seat?

October 18, 2014

Alice Through the Looking Glass - Alice Meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Slutzky-Vincenti are the developers Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum  yes men.  Can they be stoped? Have the Plum Tree Wal-Mart experience and the Eva Mar experience awakened enough voters —Republican , Independent and Democrats to stop the stranglehold that developers have on elected county governmnet?  This is  a political crossroads in Harford history. Will voters choose to protect the public interest or once again follow the stalwart reactionary Republican Aegis back down the rabbit hole of special interst developers buying off  Republican candidates with campaign money?

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