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Intercept – “Wonder Boy”Steney Hoyer And AIPACs Politcal Power Coincidentally Rose Together In A Rightward Shift In Democratic Partys Foreign Policy Policy

June 20, 2019

Steney Hoyer

Intercept – Donald Trump And The Yankee Plot To Overthrow The Venezuelan Government!

January 30, 2019

Comments By John Bolton As Fox News Commentator – Trump Wants This Guy To Be the Next National Security Advisor

March 27, 2018

Mother Jones – This Is The Scariest News Of The Trump Presidency – John Bolton Who Advocates War With Iran And North Korea Has Just Been Appointed To National Security Advisor ( Gen R.R. McMaster Was Fired)

March 23, 2018

Scene in Lobby of Trump Tower

Media Matters – Pundits Praise Trumps Dumb Syrian Policy Encourages Trump To Escalate Tensions With North Korea And Drop MOAB Bomb On Afghanistan!

April 15, 2017


HuffingtonPost/HighLine/AndyKroll – Trump At War

May 13, 2016




TheIntercept – Pro-Israeli Billionare Haim Saban Drops $100K Against Donna Edwards In Md Senate Race

April 25, 2016

Democratic War-Hawk Rep. Chris Van Hollen supported resolution approving of Israeli “carpet bombing” Gaza in 2008. Rep. Donna Edwards voted “present”.

Rep. Chris Von Hollen voted against 2009 UN Goldstone Report condemning war crimes by both Israeli and Hamas. Rep. Donna Edwards endorsed the Goldstone Report.



Bill Maher Monologue – 06/20/14 – Our Enemies No Longer Fear Us, Our Allies No Longer Trust Us…And Worst of All Americans Are Watching Soccer

June 22, 2014

McCain Gives Israel “Green Light” To Go To War

March 11, 2012

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