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Weekly Standard Facyt Checking The Alt-Right : Is Joe Kennedy Really A Hypocrite For Having A Wall On His Estate? Or Is The Alt-Right Just Afraid of Joey Kennedy??????

February 4, 2018


ABC/This Week – The Nation Editor Asks Neo-Conservative Bill Kristol (Weekly Standard) “Why Dont You Enlist In Iraqi Army?”

June 30, 2014

Republican Weekly Standard Obsessed With Destroying Healthcare Reform: If “ObamaCare” Is Failing How Can It Also Be A Frankestein Moster

February 10, 2014


WeeklyStandard :RightWing Repubs Go Bonkers Over Joe Bidens Big Debate Win: Fred Barnes, Propagandist For Republican Party For 40 Years, Believes Biden “Bombed” Because He Smiled Too Much

October 12, 2012

The Conservative Weekly Standard Thinks Paul Ryan Is Being “Assaulted”

August 20, 2012

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