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MarylandJuice – CD1-Dem Runner-Up John LaFerla May Be Back In The Race As Write-In Candidate Against Tea Party/Republican Congressman Andy Harris After Dem Nominee Wendy Rosen Discovered To Have Voted Early And Too Often

September 11, 2012

StarDemocrat/MarylandJuice – Democrats Rosen, Letke And Leferla Talk Strategy To Beat Bel Airs Tea Party Republican Andy Harris

March 5, 2012

GazetteNet – Baltimore County Businesswoman, Wendy Rosen, Enters First Congressional District Race

November 29, 2011

MarylandJuice – Bel Air GOP/Tea Party Congressman Andy Harris Endorses Newt Gingrich/ Anti-Tea Party Repub ,Wendy Rosen, Turns Democrat ,Challenges Harris

November 29, 2011

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