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Intercept – Donald Trumps Former ICE Chief, Thomas Homan, Honored At Notorious Anti-Muslim Convention – A Bastion For White Nationalists

September 1, 2018


Media Matters -Alex Jones Hawks Trump Childrens Book That Indocrinates Them With White Nationalism

January 5, 2018


Tabloid Politicts : The Alt-Right President

August 16, 2017




TheDailyBeast -Trumps Chief Advisor Steve Bannon In College Was A Greatful Dead Fan, A Jerry Brown Liberal And A Ladies Man – Now He’s A Hard Right White Nationalist Racist! What The Hell Happen?

March 15, 2017




NYTimes -Department of Justification – Sessions/Bannon White Nationalist/Racist Immigation Plans

March 11, 2017


Full Frontal/Sam Bee – Feeling Alt-Right (Part 2)

November 1, 2016

SamBee/FullFrontal – Feelin Alt-Right

November 1, 2016

Think Progress – Hillary Clinton Speech On Trump Mainstreaming The AltRight Racist Hate Movement And the Republican Response (Silence!)

August 27, 2016


HateWatch/SPLCenter – Trump Hires “White Nationalist” To Run His Campaign , AltRight CEO Of Breitbart, Stephen Bannon

August 17, 2016



AegisPhoto – Mayor Of Aberdeen Was Once Pals With White Nationalist John Stortstrom, Vice-President of Route 40 Republican Club

April 15, 2016


Patrick McGrady, Tea Party Republican and current Mayor of Aberdeen ,( Maryland) examines assault rifle in front of Bel Air Courthouse (Gun Rally) . The assault rifle was part of a raffle to raise money for the racially-insensative Route 40 Republican Club. Standing beside Mr. McGrady is the ex-vice-president of the Route 40 Republican Club , John Stortstrom who was revealed to be a “white nationalist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.. The Route 40 Republican Club was also notorious for inviting Matthew Heimbach to speak before the club. Heimbach is a white nationalist and neo-nazi and currently a supporter of Donald Trump. He became infamous recently when he manhandled  a black female protestor at a  Trump rally. (





WashPost – Matthew Heimbach Is Back In The News – White Nationalist Is A Friend Of the Racist Route 40 Harford Republican Club

April 15, 2016





Seth Myers – Donald Trumps White Nationalist Supporters

January 14, 2016

RackJite/Luckavich – Donald Trump: Make America White Again

August 29, 2015


The White-Nationalist Friendly Route 40 Republican Club Is Now The Route 40 Republican Party. President Fred Mullis , White-Nationalist Vice President John Stortstrom And Treasurer Patricia Scott Have Been Replaced But Is the Club/Party Still A Nest Of Racists?

August 28, 2015




Top 10 Dumbest Political Moments In Harf County Politics in 2013 – # 3. Southern Poverty Law Center Reveals That Harford’s Route 40 Republican Club’s Vice President Is Tied To Racist White NationalistGroups

January 9, 2014


Southern Poverty Law Center /Hate Watch – Friend of Harford Route 40 Republican Club Mat Hembach Now A Full-Fledged Neo-Nazi

October 10, 2013


SPLC/HateWatch – After Hatewatch Story , Harford Republican Operative And APG Military Engineer Suspended From Job For Ties With White Racist Nationalists

July 8, 2013


LiveLeak – Route40 Repub “White Nationalist” John Stortstroms Video (Stortstroms Job) Scrubbed From EdgewoodChemBio’s YouTube Channel

July 7, 2013


HuffPost – Jared Loughner’s You Tube Videos And Myspace Suggest Alleged Shooter May Have Ties To Hate Group – American Renaisance

January 9, 2011


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