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DodgyDagger – Mob Rule – Harford County White Racists Support The Call For Democratic Progressive Del. Mary Annn Lisanti To Resign Over Her Alleged “Racial Slur” (PoliSatire)

March 1, 2019


WashPost/Petulia Dvorak – Harford County VFW (Joppatowne) Discovers It Has Been Renting Its Hall To White Supremacists For Years

March 23, 2017



DemocracyNow – Jeremy Scahill: Neocons, War Criminals And White Nationalists On Trumps Incoming Cabinet/Advisor Team

November 22, 2016

DodgyDagger – Harford County Sheriff Jeff “More Guns, Not Less” Gahler To Explain to Harford Tea Party (H4CL) Why He Doesnt Like Helicopters, Immigrants, Gun Safety, And School Bus Safety

July 28, 2015



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