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Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30?: Youth Vote Totally Rejects Trump ! In McClatchy-Marist Political Poll (Aug 3) Trump Comes In Fourth Place Among Under 30 Vote! (9%) Hillary Wins Plurality (41%) – Johnson Comes In Second (23%) – Jill Stein Is Third (16%)

August 10, 2016    McClatchy-Marist projects  Clinton  win 45-31. Even over 60 voters support Hillary 47-40. But how can 40% of elderly support Trump? Wisdom does not always come with age. The Young see Trump for what he is. Too many of the old  are easily fooled by a demagogue.


StephenColbert – Hillary Targets Youth Vote After Winning Old Hampshire

February 17, 2016

NewYorker/Nathan Heller – Old Man , Young Voters…The Rise of The Millenials

August 27, 2015


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