Cops Invade Neighborhood Party…Fun Ensues

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Courtesy and a bit of humanity go a lot further in policing the community than “tough guy” approaches. Now that isn’t always possible – but when it happens, it does a lot to build trust and respect.

I know I paste a fair amount about bad cops – but there are a lot of good guys out there too.

North Carolina Cops Respond To Party Complaint, Ride A Giant Waterslide Instead

These officers didn’t break up the party. They joined it.

It’s never any fun when police officers show up to your Fourth of July party. That is, unless giant waterslides are involved.

Officers Carrie Lee and Joe Jones of Asheville, North Carolina, took a ride down a homemade slip-and-slide on Sunday after responding to complaints that the slide was blocking the road, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The officers reported to the block party to assess the danger, but…

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