NYMag – Political Bombshell – FBI Director Comey Interferes With Presidential Election By Throwing Suspicion On Democratic Candidate With 10 Days To Go! Is FBI Corrupt Or Just Incompetent??? “Pertinent E-Mails”? Or Political Shenanigans?

October 28, 2016




CommonDreams – If Donald Trump Had Been At Gettysburg In 1863

October 28, 2016



NBC News – FBI Throws Political Wrench Into The Voting Machines – Plays Partisan Politics HighJinks With Elections Ten Days Out: FBI Director Comey:”We Found Some New E-Mails”

October 28, 2016



School Lynching in Mississippi

October 28, 2016

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The school system and local law enforcement support this sort of criminal, racist behavior…

NAACP calls for federal probe after noose placed on black high school football player in Mississippi

The NAACP and the parents of a black high school sophomore who had a noose placed around his neck and “yanked backward” are continuing to call for a federal investigation of the incident as a racial hate crime.

After Derrick Johnson, the Mississippi NAACP president, on Monday morning called for a federal hate-crimes probe of an Oct. 13 incident inside a locker room at Stone County High School near the small town of Wiggins, a lawyer for the south Mississippi school district announced Monday afternoon that one student “was disciplined after due process in accordance with district policies.”

Sean Courtney, an attorney for the Stone County school district, wrote in a Tuesday email that administrators had determined that the school’s conduct code had been violated, the Associated Press…

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NewYorker – Donald Trump And The Day After The Election

October 28, 2016



NewYorker – The Art of the Rout: What A Trump Loss Does To GOP

October 28, 2016



Jimmy Kimmel/ Trump Supporters Try To Say Something Nice On Hillary’s BirthDay

October 28, 2016

Margret Flowers, Green Party Candidate for U.S. Senate Interrupts WJZ-TV Senate Debate

October 27, 2016

Democracy N0w – Strangers In Their Own Land: Why People Support Republicans – Arlie Russell Hochilds

October 27, 2016

DemocrcyNow – Ralph Nader: Trump Is A Freeloading, Pontificated Empty Shirt Who On Everything

October 27, 2016

SethMyers /Closer Look – Trumps Obamacare Fail

October 27, 2016

Amazon – Goliath

October 27, 2016

Is Harford County Really Republican This Year? The Republican Aegis Thinks So, As It Timidly Refuses To Endorse! But What Are Insulted And Embarrassed White Republican Women Thinking With A Qualified,Experienced and Talented Democratic Woman On The Ballot ?

October 27, 2016
Democratic Central Committee: Harford Democrats Urge Support for Clinton in Presidential Election


Republican Aegis Punts On Clinton/Trump Presidential Endorsement!! Chooses Not To Endorse Trump Because His Attitude Towards Women Makes Him Unfit. Refuses To Endorse Clinton Because She Is A Female Politician (Nasty Woman) And A Democrat! (“Harford County Is Republican”)

October 27, 2016


“If you don’t vote, you cant complain!” (old b.s. adage)

“Two bad choices!” (Undecided)







C-Span – Should Marijuana Be Legalized????

October 27, 2016




Intercept/Democracy Now – Police Viciously Attack Peaceful Protesters At Dakota Access Pipeline

October 26, 2016


SethMyers/LateNite – A Closer Look: Donald Trumps Closing Argument

October 26, 2016

Grasshopper Plague 1873

October 26, 2016



Grasshoppers darken the skies of southwestern Minnesota. For the next five summers they strip the land bare. Charities and the state provide some relief, but many farmers lose everything.
“‘The wheat!’ Pa shouted. He dashed out the back door and ran toward the wheat-field.
“The grasshoppers were eating. You could not hear one grasshopper eat, unless you listened very carefully while you held him and fed him grass. Millions and millions of grasshoppers were eating now. You could hear the millions of jaws biting and chewing.
“Pa came running back to the stable. Through the window Laura saw him hitching Sam and David to the wagon. He began pitching old dirty hay from the manure-pile into the wagon, as fast as he could. Ma ran out, took the other pitchfork and helped him. Then he drove away to the wheat-field and Ma followed the wagon.
“Pa drove around the field…

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Energy Crisis 1872

October 26, 2016



Epizootic fever strikes horses throughout the Midwest. The three-month sickness plunges horse-powered Minnesota into its first energy crisis.*

I need to let this one simmer for a bit; “the three-month sickness plunges horse-powered Minnesota into its first energy crisis.” It’s hard to relate to this not-so-distance past when “horse-power” really meant the labor of a workhorse. I believe it was as late as W. W. II when the majority of Minnesotans still lived on farms, and felt this connection to living “horse-power. (I still need to let this steep.)

There’s something good about the connection between human and horse. Your draft animal as a precious commodity, means of production, and even friend?! A car with a face? A tractor with a face? A companion who saw the same sights, and explored the same paths as its master?

Below is some documentation of the breadth and width of this epizootic fever.

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Fresh Air/NPR – Interview With Election Expert Rick Hasen – Rigging Elections Isn’t Easy

October 26, 2016



October 25, 2016



1964″ Daisy Attack Ad” Used Against Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater

Jimmy Kimmel Live -Obama’s Snapchat Lessons

October 25, 2016

Stephen Colbert/Abe Lincoln’s Ghost Reacts To Trumps Gettysburg Address

October 25, 2016

Jimmy Kimmel/LateNite: Obama Does He Wish He Was Running Against Trump

October 25, 2016

JimmyKimmel – Best Of Drunk Donald Trump

October 25, 2016

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Obama Not Interested In Third Term

October 25, 2016

SamanthaBee/FullFrontal -Al Smith Dinner -Catholic Hospitals – First: Do No Harm, Second: Do No Pussy Stuff

October 25, 2016

Samantha Bee/Full Frontal -Presidential Debate 3 – The Good, The Bad, The Nasty

October 25, 2016

FullFrontal/Samantha Bee -Why Are Men Afraid of Women (In Politics)?

October 25, 2016

LATimes -Harford Thimblerigger – W.Dale Hess , Harford County Businessman And Politician, Dies, 86 – Got Inside Politico-Info On I-95 Coming To Harford,- Made Rich With Developement Of One Thousand Acres He Purchased

October 25, 2016



Calif Cop Illegally Demands ID At DUI Checkpoint/ Driver Legally Refuses

October 25, 2016

Aberdeen. Md Wins The 2016 Boss Tweed Award For Being The Most Undemocratic City In Maryland?

October 25, 2016

Harford for Obama And Bernie And Hillary

Aberdeen,Maryland has claimed the “Most Undemocratic City In Maryland”Award  for 2016. Aberdeen earned this title after it corrupted the Council election tie-vote runoff vote. The newly elected Mayor Patrick McGrady (aka Shady McGrady) is a Tea Party Republican gun-nut who was unable to get any of his Tea Party political slate elected to the council. One Tea Party crony did tie for the fourth seat with Democratic incumbent Steve Smith. But when the Mayor held a council runoff he nominated his tea Party crony but refused to nominate the tie -vote Democrat. He said something to the effect that he didn’t like the cut of Mr. Smiths jib. ( i.e. Mayor does not like Democrats)  So, instead of a fair and democratic council runoff, Aberdeen had a crooked (. i.e. corrupt)  council runoff.  The autocratic Mayor decided to nominate another Tea Party crony. Two of the three standing council members…

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#ShowTheToe – Frank Bruni (NYTimes) Says Hillary Clinton Has Eleven Toes

October 25, 2016




City Of Aberdeen Public Hearing On Charter Amendment Resolution No.16-CR-02 Resolving Election Tie Votes – Oct 24th, 2016 – 7PM

October 24, 2016


Aberdeen Mayor Pat McGrady Rigged The City Council Run-Off Vote And Know He’d Like To Make It Easier Next Time With A Coin Flip

October 24, 2016



Aberdeen Alt-Right/Republican Mayor McGrady Thinks We Should Resolve Election Ties With A Flip Of a Coin! City Council Public-Input Meeting Monday !

October 24, 2016

Tom Hayden, The Port Huron Statement And Participatory Democracy

October 24, 2016


TheAtlantic – Trumps Waterloo – Lincoln Went To Gettysburg To Defend The Democratic Experiment . He Came To Heal American Divisions- He Failed Because A Bel Air, Md White Supremacist Killed Him. John Wilkes Booth Thought American Democracy Was “Rigged”. Back Then He Called It A Tyranny.

October 24, 2016


Harford Republicans Elected Officials Refuse To Dump Racist And Sexist Donald Trump – Will Common Sense Republican Voters And The Republican Aegis Follow Them Into The Alt-Right/TeaParty/ White Nationalist (Racist) Swamp???????

October 23, 2016





SocialView – Trump Humiliated By Reporter Who Asks ” Why are you a racist and sexist?”

October 23, 2016

SNL – Third Presidential Debate – Clinton vs Trump

October 23, 2016

30Days30Songs – World Leader Pretend -REM

October 23, 2016

30Days30Songs -Little Failure – Moby

October 23, 2016

TheAtlantic – Trumps Gettysberg Address : “Screw You, I’ll Sue You!”

October 22, 2016




RepubAegis – Mayor Of Aberdeen/ – Alt-Rt/TeaParty Republican Pat McGrady Still Endorses Racist, Sexist Bigot For President

October 22, 2016

Mayor Pat-rick McGrady wrote this  Trump endorsement for his mother to sign in the RepubAegis/DodgyDagger but he wouldn’t sign it himself because he would rather just put yard signs up in front of his rehabed empty Church . Do you get the alt-right political ambiguity humor here? He has the same name as his mother!!! Hahahahaha! Repub Wing-Nuts might be un-democratic and racially-challenged but they can be deviously witty! Hahahahahahahaha! Funniest line in the letter is  “A change is coming…”  Its a wordplay on Sam Cooke’s famous old racial equality song.. Hehhehhehhehheh!


McGrady property on W.Bel Air Avenue near Law Street


WashPo – How Facist Is Donald Trump? Theres An Eleven Point Check List

October 22, 2016



Daily Show -Jordan Klepper – Trump Hints At A Not-So Ready Transfer of Power

October 22, 2016

Plot To Hack America- Malcolm Nance , Ex-U.S. Navy Intelligence

October 22, 2016



RollingStone – Matt Taibbi – The Fury And Failure of Donald Trump

October 21, 2016



RollingStone – Fearmonger In Chief – Neil Strauss

October 21, 2016



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