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Repub/Aegis – Harford Citizen Uses “N-Word” At County Public Council Meeting – Council Immediately Reacts Week Later – Declares ‘N-Word’ “totally inappropriate -( We Only Use That Word In Harford At Closed Meetings)

March 15, 2017


Republican Aegis Talks To Everyone But The Aberdeen Tent City Homeless In Front Page Story! Backwater Newspaper Treats Homeless As If They Are Dangerous Criminals That Cant Be Approached

January 14, 2017

Why didnt the Republican  Aegis reporter try to communicate with Aberdeens Tent City homeless? Why does the local press  and the County govt treat the homeless as if they are dangerous refugees? Why didnt the Aegis reporter  ask the “heart-broken” Mayor why he doesnt use his “empty” rehabed Church on Bel Air Ave  for a “wet house” for the homeless in Aberdeen?  The Mayor has passed the buck to the County on the homeless. He hasnt done a damn thing  in Aberdeen to resolve the problems except call the homeless  ignorant names like “stubborn” and “hardheaded”. That really sounds like a “broken-heart”   ( The Aegis/ Record headline was a quote from  Mayor: “It breaks my heart”)






Republican Aegis -Did Aberdeen City Rip-Off Ex-Cops???? 5 Ex-Aberdeen Cops Say City Owes Sick Leave Pay Due To Unequal Treatment

January 1, 2017



Aegis Dodgy Headline And Dodgy Sheriff Provoke Hysteria Over Annual Homeless Memorial Service

December 23, 2016

Local Harford County backwater newspaper The Aegis did its best to deceive and misrepresent the annual homeless memorial service in its front page headline: VIGIL HONORS COP KILLER.   The  candle vigil merely memorializes anyone who was homeless when they died in the county in 2016. No one was “honored”. Six dead homeless were remembered.


The local Harford backwater Sheriff Jeff Gahler joined in on the hysteria with a letter denouncing the vigil for mentioning the  homeless police killers name, David B. Evans. He was homeless when he died so he deserves to be apart of the homeless vigil.

The Aegis’s  inside headline (4) was more honest  objective  journalism but I guess it doesnt sell as many papers because its not  tabloid short and sensational.


If we took better care of the homeless maybe six of  them wouldn’t be dead and maybe one  of them wouldn’t have acted  in a deranged violent manner.

Merry hysterical Christmas  David Anderson (Aegis) and  Sheriff Gahler!

Does The “A” In The Republican Aegis Stand For Asshole? Democracy And Male Hormones

November 2, 2016

The Republican Aegis rarely gets the important elections right.  Over 150 years ago the then  Southern Aegis in Bel Air mistakenly supported slavery and opposed Lincoln for President. Now the Republican Aegis makes another significant mistake by suggesting there is a political equivalence between a flawed but talented and experienced  Hillary Clinton and a know-nothing , racist, sexist bigot Donald Trump. That’s an asinine analysis of the political situation. Just say you can’t make difficult decisions. You give up. Your Republican candidate is appalling. Say what’s in your heart. We cant afford a  woman President. Its never been tried. Its as bad as thinking about voting for that black guy. But don’t hide your prejudice behind a farcical false equivalency. (the Benghazi/E-Mail Conspiracy???)?  The two candidates are  not equally disgusting choices. One is a threat to democracy  the other is a only a threat to Male Hormone Syndrome. You state your thinking most clearly when you say “We CAN’T endorse Trump, we WON’T  endorse Clinton”.




Good Journalism: The Republican Aegis With Just The Facts In Headline —- Bad Journalism: DodgyDagger With “Political” Headline Changing Pot Bust Into A Evil “Narcotics Investigation”

October 15, 2016





RepubAegis -New State Law On Election Ties Goes Into Effect Oct 1 – Aberdeen City Govt Slowly Moves Toward Instituting Runoff Rules Required By State Law – Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Wants A Cheap Corrupt Coin-Flip Resolution

October 5, 2016


RepublicanAegis – Bel Air Man Allegedly Kills Wife, Son And Then Himself In Aparrent Murder-Suicide – But Wacko County Sheriff Gahler Reminds Us : “We Need More Guns Not Less” And Alt-Right Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Points Out That “Guns Save Lives”

September 29, 2016


Shoveling The B.S. Pt. 3 – Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady Complains About Aegis Editorial That Called Him “Petulant”. The Mayor Said The Criticism Bordered On Ageism.

August 6, 2016


“Petulant’ is a journalistic euphemism for arrogance (i.e. insolent or rude speech or behavior)  A perfect example of McGrady’s petulance is this video of McGrady trying to campaign at a City Council meeting. McGrady is not aware that he is  often a political asshole.When he doesn’t get his way he acts like a bad tempered sulking child. Its the Trump Syndrome or maybe its just the Republican brain.


Shoveling The B.S. Pt 1 : Aberdeen Mayor “Shady” McGrady Gets Political “Make Over” From Dodgy Republican Aegis Editor – Friendly Press Changes Significant Fact In Print Edition That Was Accurate On Early Digital Edition –

August 5, 2016

DIGITAL EDITION Aug 3, 2016: “the council members voted 3-1 to confirm the appointment without a HARSH WORD…”


PRINT EDITION AUG 3, 2016: “the council members unanimously confirmed the appointment without a HARSH WORD…”




PRINT EDITION APRIL 15, 2016/ HARSH WORDS: “…Lindecamp was alone in opposing Goodwin’s nomination …said he believes the only ETHICAL nomination possible…is Stephen Smith”… “I believe this is fundamentally wrong,” Lindecamp said, adding he thinks the appointment will have a negative impact on the city”for years to come.”


DodgyJournalism -RepublicanAegis Out-Foxes The Public Interest By Refusing To Report On Aberdeen Residents Report of Wild Foxes On Carroll Ave

June 28, 2016


At the end of the June 20 (2016)  Aberdeen City Council meeting an Aberdeen resident complained about four foxes living on the weed over-grown property adjacent to her property. The Republican-Aegis reporter Dave Anderson was present with his laptop when the complaint was made and verified by the Mayor. The public complaint never made the online   or print editions of the Republican-Aegis newspapers. The full testimony is secretly available on the city blog at: city council

This is maybe a perfect story for Baltimore Fox News

(Why is the reporter sitting in the line of the podium camera? Is he a “hot dog”? Can the editor please edit him out of that angle in the future?)


#KeepFallstonRural – DodgyDagger/RepublicanAegis – ACLU Lawyers To Help Fallston Women Fighting Big Bad Developer

June 21, 2016




ACLU Defends Fallston Activists Sued For Organizing Petition Drive



Republican Aegis – Aberdeen City Council Refuses Common Sense Democratic Solution To Vacant Counsil Seat Dilema–Mayor Still Playing Corrupt “Nominee” Bullshit Game

March 15, 2016

RepublicanAegis – Its Time For Leadership In Aberdeen!

March 7, 2016


  • Aberdeen is clinging to a wrong-headed (legal) opinion…
  • Its McGrady’s fault that Aberdeen doesn’t have a complete city council.
  • For McGrady its way past time to lead Aberdeen out of this political morass



RepublicanAegis – Suspect Who Killed Harford Deputies Remained Ellusive For Decades

March 1, 2016


RepublicanAegis – Special Meeting In Aberdeen Wednesday (Feb24) Fails To Resolve Election Tie Issue

March 1, 2016

RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen City Attorney “Dead Wrong” On Resolving Tie Vote, Tie Vote Is Not Really A Vacancy , Its a SNAFU! Tie Vote Elections Are Usually Resolved With A Runoff Election, Drawing Lots Or Council Vote

November 11, 2015


“The legal concept is, it is not a tie between  Sean DeBonis  and Stephen Smith. The people of Aberdeen failed to elect someone for the fourth seat. So we only have three seats elected” says Aberdeen City Manager Doug Miller . (City Told To Pick Fourth Winner, New Aberdeen Mayor To Appoint , Council To Ok, The Aegis,  Bryna Zumer ,Nov 11, 2015)

If this is the legal opinion of Aberdeen’s city attorney  then its “legal” bullshit. The Republican Aegis points out  two other tie elections in Harford County. Both were resolved with runoff elections (2003, Bel Air  and 1978 Havre de Grace; ) The people did not fail to elect someone, the political system  failed to work .  In New Windsor ,Md  in 1999 the city council VOTED to resolve the tie. (Gaithersburg has a charter provision that says a tie leads to a runoff, and if there is a tie in the runoff then  a coin-flip is required)

According to The Aegis, both candidates,involved in the election tie  are rightfully upset that there is no fair resolution. And all 600 plus voters who voted for these two candidates are going to be upset if there votes are thrown out. If EVERY VOTE COUNTS then these votes should not be discarded. The people elected two candidates with the tie vote. Either seat them both or provide a fair  resolution to the tie  –  a) a runoff, b) council vote or  c) drawing lots or flipping coins. As  Stephen Smith says “The citizens are being cheated”. And Sean DeBonis agrees ,telling the Aegis that the fairest solution to the tie vote is a runoff.election. Smith And/or DeBonis should take the matter to the Maryland Attorney General before this mistake becomes a  political joke.

After  the matter is resolved , the City Attorney should be let go for incompetence(.Sussman/Miller could find no data of tie elections in Maryland. The Aegis found two tie votes In Harford. Dr. Google  found one in New Windsor, Md)  And someone  should question the  city managers common sense..



RepublicanAegis/ErikaButler – Aberdeen Town Election : Councilwoman Ruth Elliot Challenges Mayor Michael Bennett

September 7, 2015


The Republican/Aegis reports that current Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennett will be challenged by Councilwoman Ruth Elliot in this years town election on November 6th.   Appointed Councilman Steve Smith will seek voter approval to keep his political seat. And council members Ruth Ann Young and Sandra Landbeck are undecided about reelection.

Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady who lost his bid for mayor four years (2011)  ago in a close race has lost his political fire  since getting married .  McGrady told the Republican Aegis “…I have no definitive plans at this point today.” McGrady also lost  in 2010  when he ran for House of Delegates  in the Maryland General  Assembly. But McGrady did say he was “dissatisfied with the current stock of candidates for mayor and city council, so I may have to run.” There is an open seat and one new challeger.

At the August meetng of the New Harford Democratic Club  it was also announced that Rev. Melvin Taylor would be a candidate for the city council.



Dodgy Journalism – Significant Story of Harford “Native Son” Pot Millionaire Got Buried on the Obit Page (Page A15) in the Republican Aegis

August 14, 2015



GahlerWatch/Aegis Editorial – Has Harford County Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler Lost Focus On His Primary Responsiblity—Enforcing Laws … Not Making Them????

February 25, 2015



February 20th Republican Aegis Editorial

The Republican Aegis suggests that the new Harford County  Sheriff Jeff Gahler may “need a bit of a reminder about the role of his new office. The sheriffs primary responsibility in Harford County is enforcing the laws. not making them.” 

 Gahlers primary focus so far has been to advocate changing the law to omit safety firing training for gun permits,  changing the law to provide for a warrant-intercept program and changing the law that doesnt allow the Sheriff to moonlight.

The Republican Aegis  comments:  “…the sheriff needs to be focused on law enforcement, not legislative lobbying in Annapolis….the sheriff needs to be seen having his attention focused on the crime problems that afflict Harford County…The sheriff needs to focus” on crime and safe roads “and be seen through his actions as making them high priorities”

Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Refuses To Report On Bel Air Republican Congressman Being Blacklisted By District of Columbia After Blocking DC Pot Law

January 30, 2015


Political BS Quote of Week – Republican Aegis: “Thornton…has run a rather ABRASSIVE campaign that seems focused more on Slutzkys record than his own agenda”

October 25, 2014


*Is “abrassive” some kind of code word for irritating and arrogant? Is “abrassive” some kind of dog whistle for “uppity”. The Republican Aegis’s demonstrates common sense in understanding who Slutzky is, but its neo-confederate leanings cant shake its old racial code talk when trying to understand Jim Thornton. Thorntons campaign is not abbrassive, its forthright and refreshingly frank and his agenda has always been front and center-“people first not friends and cronies” and the councils role should be to “check and balance”  the county executive not “rubber stamp” it.


Citizens Against Eva Mar Plan – Republican Aegis Endorsed Robert Wagner (Republican) And Jim Thornton (Democrat) For Council Prez In Primary But Cant Get Courage Up To Endorse Anyone For Council President In General Election

October 25, 2014




Republican Aegis Points Out That Patrick Vincenti ,Republican Candidate For County Council Dist E, Is Sympathetic To Wedding Venue Proposal – But Leaves Out Fact That Vincenti Has Accepted Campaign Contribution From Regent At Stone House

September 27, 2014


Change Is Gonna Come But Not Neccessarily To The Aegis/Vought Right-Wing Assumptions And Bias

July 14, 2014


Duck Decoy Dynasty – Republican Aegis Endorses Patrick Vincenti And His Bumpersticker Platform For Republican Primary County Council Dist E???? Vincenti “Was Handpicked By Slutzky And Is Recieving Campaign Contributions From Developer Interests” According To Citizens Against Eva Mar

June 17, 2014


Republican Aegis Buried The Story On Page 4, And Then Censored (Edited-Out) the Most Dramatic Moment At The County Council Meeting : Boniface Threatened To Shut-Up One Citizen (OBrien) For Mentioning “Campaign Contributions”, Then Shuts-Up A Second (Onorato)

June 8, 2014







DodgyJournalism: Aegis Reporting on Craigs Stormwater Runoff Fee Repeal Hearing A Joke…Headline Uses RepublicanSpeak And Reporter Writes One Sentence On Highly Critical Citizen Testimony, Hearing Testimony Available At HCN Peg Central

November 9, 2013


Did the Republican Aegis reporter fall asleep during the two hour citizen comment part of the County Council meeting? Or was she severely edited by an irresponsible editor?(i.e. Allan Vought)  Truely The Aegis is  a “watchdog” with no bark or bite. The basic purpose of a free press is to be a guardian to supply citizens with information they need to prevent abuse of power. The  Aegis provides “propagandist journalism” because they are loyal “lapdogs” of ruling Republican powers and elites.

Harford Republican Candidate For Governor David “No Pazazz” Craig Runs Down Political Dead End With Know Nothing/Tea Party Repeal Rain Tax Gambit , But At Least Aegis PoliticalPsychicCynic Alan Vought Finds It Entertaining

October 1, 2013

“Politics is hypocrisy in its highest form. In Maryland its been taken to a new level. Craig may not become Governor, but just watching the number of people he’s made uncomfortable about the rain tax leads me to suspect we’re in for an entertaining 14 months” Allan Vought, ETC…, The Aegis.September,2013



AEgis Open Forum – Former Aberdeen Councilman Opposes Pay Raises For City Council ! Watch Out! This Is First Time The Reactionary Republican Aegis Editorial Board And The Reactionary Democrat Mike Hiob Have Join Political Forces Since They Both Supported The Re-election Of Reactionary-Republican Libertarian Fred Simmons For Mayor

June 13, 2013


Tea Party Rewrites Aegis Crowd Estimate At Bel Air Gun Rally …Reporters Original Estimate of Maybe 60 Turns Into Definite 95 Based On What “Organizers Believe”…. Harford Republican Candidate For Sheriff Promises To Arbitrarily Enforce Federal Gun Laws…County Councilman Joe “I’m Packin” Woods To Raffle Off AR-15

May 2, 2013



Aegis – Even Aegis ConservativeRepub “Political Expert” Allan Vought Can’t Understand the County Council Non-Vote On The WalMart Bill …But Allan, More Than “Several” Testified In Favor Of The Original Bill Before Lisanti-Slutzky Eviserated It

April 28, 2013


The Tea Party/Republican Aegis’s “Scary” Political Humor – From Exploiting Racial Fears (Halloween 2009) To Demonizing Democats With Irrational Suspicions (April 20, 2012)

April 22, 2012

RepublicanAegis/Record – Bennett By A Field Goal (Or A Nose)*

November 13, 2011



Top 10 Reasons Michael Bennett Will be Re-Elected Mayor

October 29, 2011

10. Most McGrady supporters live in Augusta!

 9. Everyone in Aberdeen has seen McGrady’s “Youtube moment”!YouTube

 8. Michael Bennett does not put political lawn signs in front of churches!

 7. Michael Bennett has more lawn signs!LawnSigns

 6. Michael Bennett is not a libertarian!

 5. Michael Bennett is not a “trust fund baby”!TrustFundBaby

 4. All the local “crony capitalists” support McGrady!

 3. McGrady got the Libertarian Dodgy Dagger “Bump”! (the Curse)

 2. Michael Bennett got the Republican Aegis endorsement! (the Albatross) Aegis/Record

 1b. Entire Aberdeen City Council endorses Bennett for Mayor

 1a. Experience! Experience! Experience!

Dodgy Dagger – River City Election – Only The Challengers (Shank, Maslin,and Wagner) Answer Dagger Questionaire, The Incumbent Status Quo “Old Guard” (Dougherty, Craig, Correri) Dodge-the-Dagger

May 1, 2011


Dumbest Newspaper Headline Of the Year – Aegis “I Don’t Have Anything To Say”

July 1, 2010

THe Aegis/Sun

The Republican Aegis makes a headline out of one no comment quote from one Democratic leader(Wendy Sawyer) and then goes on in the article  to  quote  another Democratic  leader ( George Harrison) about twenty times.

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